Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Everyday I’m Thunderin!

Oklahoma City Nighttime Skyline
Oklahoma City Nighttime Skyline
Oklahoma City Skyline
Oklahoma City Skyline
Oklahoma city National Memorial
Oklahoma city National Memorial
Bricktown District
Bricktown District



Sunny Days: 235
42100 Affordability
80100 Schools
54100 Diversity
60100 Safety

You come to Oklahoma to beat Texas.
-Baker Mayfield

The Best Thing About Oklahoma City?

We’re #1

For a relatively small large city OKC finishes #1 in ranking in a bunch of “best of” lists. These include: #1 for High Wages and Low Cost of Living, #1 for America’s Best New Restaurants, #1 Most Passionate Live Music Fans, #1 Most Romantic Cities In America. It also finishes in the Top 10 for a whole slew of other city benefits. All-in-all these rankings signal an amazing place to be for young professionals and young families looking for the next great American city.

Here's the pov of a long-time local:
Love it. I have lived here my entire life. Several times tried moving but only lasted a few Months always came back to “home” The people are friendly…and helpful…just today helped an older wrap her outside faucets…Water hose was still connected with below freezing temps coming. I also know if I need any help I have friends to ask. There is plenty to do and lots of churches to get involved in…Love living here.

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The Worst Thing About Oklahoma City?

Public Schools

The big challenge for families is the quality of the public schools. Lots of factors have played a role in poor performing schools including: decreased state funding, suburban schools pulling away families, charter school growth, and too few kids spread across too great a size city causing funding to sink when it is based on a $$$ per enrolled student model. The district is shutting down schools as a way to improve and focus but for the time being the schools remain troubled.

Review from local about schools:
The OKC public schools for the most part are not that great. If they are interested in Math and Science, check out OSSM. Theatre, check out Classen SAS. I you are looking for private schools; the three big ones are Casady School(Episcopal), Heritage Hall(Secular), and Bishop McGuinness(Catholic). Each is different and has totally different atmospheres. All will let your child visit and you should go with whichever your child feels most comfortable.

For more reviews of what living in Oklahoma City is like from locals check out: The Reviews.

Lifestyle Of Oklahoma City

People imagine OKC to be a low key family kind of town. And if you’re into that kind of thing then it is definitely here for you. However, if you’re younger and hankering for entertainment then this city has your back. There are tons of things happening, particularly in the Bricktown area. Concerts, sporting events (steps from where the Thunder play), museums, shopping, restaurants, you name it and it is happening downtown. Many people in OKC live in the outer edges or suburbs and come downtown for bigger nights out or big days out. But there is a lifestyle downtown for young professionals or families and retirees who want to live more “on the edge”.

If you want to see what happens year throughout the year, check out the calendar of events

Worklife Of Oklahoma City

Not surprisingly energy is one of the big employers in OKC. South Central still runs on oil and natural gas and so employment is big in the industry with two Fortune 500 companies, Chesapeake and Devon Energy providing a lot of paychecks. That’s not the only industry however as retail has a big footprint with Hobby Lobby and Love’s Travel Stores also massive local employers. Expect a good job market for energy, retail, IT, and health services if you go looking for work. OKC is also one of the cities where long-haul work-from-homer’s are landing as they look for less costly cities with decent downtown social and cultural experiences available to them.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

The Ratio

We hate to put the rational in front of the emotional in such a vibrant city but it is seriously hard to ignore the fact that OKC is the #1 city in the country for the ratio of high salaries to low cost of living. If you want to make a good living and have more of it to spend or save, OKC is your joint. The cool part of it all is that not only will you have that extra $$$ but this city has so much going on you’ll get to enjoy the experience while you’re saving. That’s a tough combo to pass up.

Neighborhoods in Oklahoma City

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The Area

Oklahoma City is BIG. Not just in population but in land. It’s the second largest capital (after Juneau) in the US of A. It’s centrally located along the I-35 corridor connecting Texas and Mexico to the south, and Wichita and Kansas City to the north. Expect a pretty good driving distance between the cities: Dallas a bit over three hours and KC a bit over five. In that region that ain’t much.
OKC and the state in general are in a transition zone between the wetter forested regions of the east and the drier Great Plains of the south and central regions so if you go expecting things to be completely flat and dry you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Young Professionals

The younger population of OKC is benefitting from the emergence of high-growth, popular neighborhoods like Plaza District, Bricktown (Thunder play here!), Automobile Alley which is host to the monthly Auto Alley Shop Hop, a huge neighborhood party, and Deep Deuce, which is a bit more affordable but every bit as fun as some of the other choices. These neighborhoods are filled with art galleries, live music, theater, cool retail, bars and restaurants as well as plenty of apartment and condo buildings available for rent or purchase.

  • Bricktown
  • Downtown
  • Plaza District
  • Automobile Alley
  • Deep Deuce
  • The Arts District

Deer Creek

Young Families

Deer Creek is a wonderful neighborhood for starting and raising a family. It houses five elementary schools to choose from and smaller but wonderful affordable homes. Warwick Estates and Warwick West are also great choices for young families - one of the safest areas of the city, it's a quiet diverse neighborhood close to Bluff Creek park, for family outings, and also has the school district considered the best in the city.

  • Deer Creek
  • Warwick Estates/Warwick West
  • Quail Creek

Crowne Heights / Edgemere Heights

Established Families

OKC has plenty of great family neighborhoods but one that tops the list of many locals is Crown Heights - Edgemore Heights. A pretty posh place with big older homes and large yards, it is also host to a huge annual 4th of July Parade and Picnic that brings out every family in the neighborhood. Crown Heights/Edgemore Heights is also just a few minutes from downtown and has great public schools. Another popular choice is Nichols Hills. Just over the border this suburban neighborhood is home to the Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club and has beautiful homes and tons of greenery and winding streets to enjoy.

  • Edgemere Heights/Crowne Heights
  • Nichols Hills
  • Persimmon Hills