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What's it like to live in Oklahoma City?

I'm moving to Okc from LA. What am I in for?

I've only lived here since April, so take my word with a grain of salt.

The good:

THE RENT IS SO CHEAP. Like, holy crap.

THERE IS NEVER TRAFFIC. I encounter it occasionally during rush hours downtown, next to bricktown after Thunders Games, and around edmond during rush hour. Even then though, it's not 405 or I-5 traffic. It's like…91/I-5 interchange traffic. It still moves, and it's very short lived. Note, I currently live in Del City. No one wants to live in Del City, so that's probably why I never hit traffic…

PEOPLE ARE VERY NICE. SUPER NICE. I thought people were offering me use of their storm shelter because I was new to OKC. It's just a thing. People are just nice. They aren't trying to sell you anything! Seriously! It's so weird….and awesome….and weird…

Everything is really close to everything else. I know that sounds weird, but I'm used to driving 20-30 mins to go places. Out here, the places I go are 10-15 mins away, tops. Unless you want to go to Edmond or Norman. The drive is still nice though.

So far, the cops have been really nice. I got a friendly wave when I was at the post office. Straight out of a small town movie. My friend got pulled over twice for speeding (71 in a 60, 74 in a 60) and the officers were both very sweet, very polite from the get-go and let us off with a warning.

You are in the south, but you don't get as much racism as other places in the south. I've only had 1 bad experience in Edmond, and a sprinkling of side comments. No violence or anything.

There are lots of volunteer opportunities out here! They are significantly less formal.

The culture is wondrously interesting. Okie history is strong, there are Native Americans out here! And not your average skater dude telling you he is 1/32 Cherokee. There are different tribes and they have special license plates and they are super friendly and are happy to talk with you and share. Lots of oil and gas people out here, aerospace…

I'm moving to Okc from LA. What am I in for?

OKC and the Southern California megalopolis are pretty much the antithesis of each other. The only places in the country that could be more different than OKC and Los Angeles are probably OKC and New York or the Bay Area.

As for what you are in for? OKC is a lot like Bakersfield but a little more active and a more urban downtown (and quite a bit greener). The general size and feel however is quite similar to Bakersfield. OKC is also the buckle of the Bible Belt so get used to things like ridiculous liquor laws and a much more conservative, religious mindset than you are probably used to. OKC is large enough though that if that doesn't fit you, you can still meet like-minded people and make friends. Come with an open mind and don't expect OKC to be Southern California and you might enjoy it.

I've known people from L.A. who really like OKC because it offers a much slower, quainter pace of life while still having things to do.

As for as meeting people, there are numerous meetups, be it through meetup.com, the reddit meetup, etc. That is generally where I would start. The "cool" areas have already been covered, but I would say Automobile Alley, the Paseo, and the Plaza are my personal favorites.

Good luck OP! As I stated, come here with an open mind and you'll probably like it.

What is it like to live in Oklahoma City?

Love it. I have lived here my entire life. Several times tried moving but only lasted a few Months always came back to “home”

The people are friendly…and helpful…just today helped an older wrap her outside faucets…Water hose was still connected with below freezing temps coming. I also know if I need any help I have friends to ask.

Besides that if you dont like the weather just stay awhile it will change.

There is plenty to do and lots of churches to get involved in…Love living here

Is Oklahoma a nice place to live?

As with any other state, it depends on what you are seeking in Oklahoma. I was born in Oklahoma, left the state after graduating with a B.S. degree, returned later to earn a Master’s degree, and still own ranch land there. If you are an educator in grades K-12, I would advise you to think carefully about moving there. The education system has been neglected by the House and Senate and Governor for so long that it is in disarray. That is why educators marched on the Capitol not so long ago. College teachers fare better, especially in the engineering fields of study. If you are looking for a job or deciding on a college major, the highest paying jobs are in the medical profession and include surgeons, doctors of internal medicine, ob-gyn, psychiatrists, pediatricians, P.A.’s, and nurse anesthetists, and dentists. Next are architectural engineers and managers, petroleum engineers, CEO’s, company managers, attorneys, computer science and software. Of course, there are many more specialties.,

If you are searching for vacation spots, some of the best outdoor places are Turner Falls, Beaver’s Bend at Broken Bow, Broken Bow Lake, Chickasaw National Recreation Area, Dune Buggies at Little Sahara in Waynoka, Wichita Mountains hike and bike trails, Robber’s Cave (used to be a hideout for robbers}, Natural Falls State Park in West Siloam Springs, Keystone Lake at Sand Springs.

If you are a hunter, consider obtaining a license to hunt deer, quail, or turkeys and a fishing license for one of the beautiful lakes.

For indoor activities, Oklahoma City and Tulsa metropolitan areas have a plethora of museums. Claremore has the Will Rogers Memorial Museum. Perry has the Cherokee Strip Museum. Of course, there are the many casinos and vineyards.

I find Oklahoma to be a friendly place, but as with any place, you have to be a friendly person to find friendly people.

Pros & Cons of Living in Oklahoma City