Ocean City, Maryland

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Young Professionals

Ocean City, like a lot of beach towns, doesn’t have a traditional Young Professional community that lives here for the Downtown business district. Instead you tend to get seasonal workers and some full-time, all year round service/tourist industry workers who live in the Downtown apartment communities, with their families a bit further out. Downtown is convenient if they’re working on the beach or in the service economy but again, it’s largely a tourist scene so there is a transience to the community that makes the Downtown less appealing to permanent residences.

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West Ocean City


West Ocean City is on the Sinepuxent Bay and is the home of fishing charters, marinas and seafood restaurants to many of the people and families who live in the area work in that industry. Generally the suburban areas of the area are filled with locals and the waterfront properties are more second homes or top of the food chain locals. Locals like living here because while you can live quietly you’re also close to downtown so you get a bit of both worlds.
North Ocean City is another option although generally these are condo housing options so there is a tendency to find younger families in the neighborhood. Ocean Pines is the most popular choice for families that crave to be away from Downtown and embrace the peace and quiet the more wooded section of Ocean City has to offer. The area also has Ocean Pines Golf Club and Yacht Club so plenty of hoi polloi available as well.

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