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My mother was a public school teacher in Virginia, and we didn't have any money, we just survived on happiness, on being a happy family.
-Dave Grohl

The Best Thing About Newport News?

Education On The Rise

Since the early 2000s, schools in Newport News have managed to solidify themselves as staples in the Newsweek’s annual list of the best in the nation. In addition to the amenities of a typical public school system, Newport News has several alternative schools including an international education school, an aviation and engineering school, and a business school for troubled youths. After the last bell rings, families will be thrilled to know that a variety of nice parks and museums are right in town to help occupy the kids, and mild weather by southern standards allow you to enjoy everything the town has to offer more comfortably.

Note from a local teacher on school districts in the area:
I think that as a math teacher that you can pretty much pick your district. Like everyone else, live on the Hampton side. You can live anywhere from Hampton to Newport News to York. I think Williamsburg would be a bit much. As far as the school districts, I do not know. I am more familiar with the districts on the Southside. Also, as you probably know from Cville, it is the school and the administration that you really need to consider. So, I would just check in with Hampton, NN, and York County to see what is available and interview at all

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The Worst Thing About Newport News?

Bad News

Newport News has, unfortunately, acquired the nickname “Bad News” in recent years due to crime issues. Some neighborhoods have reputations of being far safer than others, but the city as a whole has been trending in an undesirable direction this century in terms of crime statistics. Those used to smaller southern towns may be surprised to hear that locking cars and houses is a necessity in much of Newport News.

Here's the pov of a recent transplant with a different experience:
I am not from Virginia and originally lived and worked in Virginia Beach. I decided to move to Newport News with my boyfriend and every single one of my coworkers told me I was insane. They said they hope I liked gun shots and being robbed. I honestly have no idea what the hell they were on about. It's been two years and I love the area! I live in Kiln Creek and there are so many shops and restaurants nearby. Sure there are some sketchier areas but I've never had a moment of regret and my god it's much cheaper!

Lifestyle of Newport News

Residents in Newport News are regarded as friendly and supportive of each other. Locals take advantage of the local parks, museums and trails to keep themselves entertained. Newport News Park isn’t just large by local standards, but is one of the largest parks in the U.S. The Mariners Museum and the Virginia Living Museum are the two big museums in Newport News. The former hosts a wide range of maritime artifacts and distinguishes itself as one of the largest maritime museums in the world while the latter is home to an aquarium, science museum, planetarium, and botanical preserve.

Restaurants and shopping centers are highly rated in the area but Newport News isn’t ripe with nightlife, particularly for those in their twenties. Residents of all ages often lament that you have to drive at least thirty minutes out of town for some excitement.

If you want to check out all that's happening in Newport News here is the calendar of events:

Workstyle of Newport News

Many jobs in Newport are at large companies like Huntington Ingalls Industries, America's largest military shipbuilding company, and Ferguson Enterprises, one of the largest wholesale distributors of residential and commercial plumbing supplies. Nearby universities like Christopher Newport University also employs large numbers of locals. Richmond is an hour away but Newporters do make that commute.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Good News

If you’re a family willing to sacrifice big city amenities for the type of family life described here, Newport News might be a good choice. Do your research on neighborhoods and houses to find a home that’s best suited for both your wallet and demands for safety.

Neighborhoods in Newport News

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Young Professionals/DINKs/SINKs

Downtown Newport News has been making progress for young professional living in recent years and has even bigger development plans moving forward. There are apartment and condo options now and restaurants and bars in the area. Richmond is the bigger draw and the area is definitely more for families but if you’re looking this is a good place to start. Port Warwick is another option. It’s located in the Oyster Point area of the city and has a traditional village setting. If you want the vibe of an old town center with plenty of apartment and condo options and a town square with shopping, restaurants and cafes you should check it out.

  • Downtown
  • Port Warwick

Hilton Village


Hilton Village is one of the first planned communities in the entire country. Designed as an English-style village it has well-preserved historic homes, great public schools and safe streets for the kiddos to ride their bikes. It also has a shopping district with plenty of shops, restaurants and bakeries/cafes. Hidenwood is another great option for anyone who likes the idea of living along the James River. The homes are a mix of charming/water cottages and bigger new construction but the overall vibe is waterfront community.

  • Hilton Village
  • Hidenwood
  • Kiln Creek