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What's it like to live in Newport News?

Is Newport News, VA a good place to raise a family?

It depends on what part. The east end is not a good idea as they have many shootings around there. However, near Oyster Point, my grandgirl lived in a very nice apartment and was robbed twice and her car broken in to. The crime has really gotten bad around there. You are close to the water…Busch Gardens…Kings Dominion…Va Beach…Norfolk Zoo. Fresh seafood is everywhere. Apartments and Housing have gone way up. Crime is everywhere now and if you love being around the Bay and Ocean, amusement parks and zoos go for it. Taxes in Virginia are no joke.

What advice would you give to someone who is moving to Newport News, VA?

As a 42 year resident of Newport News (born in neighboring Hampton), I would advise going online and doing some basic research about crime rates in any neighborhood you might be interested in moving in to. Then go there on an evening after work and take a walk… see what people seems to be doing, are there houses in disrepair, yard that look like a war zone, etc.

Like many cities of this size (approx. 180.000), we have problems, but we also have lots of cultural things to enjoy. The world-famous Mariner’s Museum is in Newport News, as is the Peninsula Fine Arts Center, and the Ferguson Center for the Arts on the Campus of Christopher Newport University.

How is Virginia newport news?

Newport News is a great place to live. If you like the beach it is near by, historic Williamsburg, Busch Gardens amusement park, shows at the Ferguson Center, parks festivals at many parks throughout the summer and some great restaurants. Not sure what you are into but the people in Newport News are friendly and there are plenty of fun things to do. Get involved in "Meetup" if you are looking for activities and to make friends.

How is Virginia newport news?

So, as you can see opinions here are all over the place.

I live in Williamsburg so maybe I'm biased.

Newport News is okay.

It really is a city in name only, even though it has a neighborhood called 'City Center' (brand new, a rather soulless mega-tract of new-ish pedestrian malls and apartments) and it has another section called 'downtown' (which is decrepit and empty.) Mostly, it is a series of suburban neighborhoods strung together, interspersed with somewhat denser parts and some undeveloped (or abandoned) areas.

Traffic sucks because the place is shaped like a pencil, with only one interstate highway and two major boulevards to get from one end to the other.

That said, there are little microcosms that, given enough searching, almost anybody could find a comfortable spot to make a home. Grand Victorian mansions facing the James River for dirt cheap ready for handyman projects? Check. Trendy new shops and eateries? Check. Apartments with easy access to groceries and the fitness center? Check. Is there a 'Main Street?' A shopping mall? Huge public park with camping and nature trails? Trailer parks and fast food? Airport? Check.

The problem is, none of these are located anywhere close to each other. You will NEED your car. Public transport is non-existent.

60K is plenty. You can live very nicely for that figure. Gas and housing are cheap in NN. Crime is moderate. Schools are hit-and-miss. Plenty to see and do nearby, including beach and amusement parks, as well as museums. Everybody's favorite weekend pastime, however, is get out of town.

Come on down. make yourself comfortable. NN is rather transient, so you probably won't see yourself retiring here, most folks leave after three years, or ten. But you probably won't regret it and might have some good memories in the meantime.

Pros and Cons of Living in Newport News Virginia