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What's it like to live in New York City / Bronx?

What is it like to live in The Bronx, NY?

It's not for everyone. But it suits me fine. In fact I like it so much I don't want to talk it up too much and then have a whole bunch of people rushing in here. Let's see:

Street cred
Reasonable property taxes—a mansion in Riverdale is cheaper tax wise than a comparable home in Scarsdale for obvious reasons (5k vs 21k/year)
Close to everything—it's easy to get on the highway to go to Jersey or CT. You can also get on the subway etc. The only problem is you can't go east to west and back so easily.
Cultural diversity (especially with food)
Reasonable rent sort of
Not so crowded in some places

What is it like to live in The Bronx, NY?

Originally Answered: How is it to live in the Bronx?
I like it because I'm next to the train the 6 line. I also live on a block that is quiet. The only thing if front of me is the highway. I have nearby restaurants. I can get food delivered or I can go pick it up. If I see a fight or someone acting erractticaly I with walk away, or call the police. Good food, neaby Transportation and I live in a two story building. The Bronx is ok. Not bad. I like living here.

What is it like to live in The Bronx, NY?

I was born and raised in the Bronx. It has it good and bad parts. I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s in a quiet mixed neighborhood. We all lived in harmony Italians, Jewish, Hispanics and more. It was multicultural. There was no distinction in race or color. I moved out of my beloved neighborhood of 203 st near Briggs Ave. To 176 St near Walton Ave, there was a big change. It wasn’t rough but as the late 80’s to 90’s approached,it came with the crack epidemic and AIDS. Prostitution in the neighborhood was on a rise. Our neighbors or block was close so we didn’t have none of that in our area. The increase in addicts came drug dealers on every corner and that increased crime.

As I got older and had children I moved to a The quiet neighborhood of Parkchester. Once my children turned about ten. I moved out of New York. It was the best move for my family.

I loved the Bronx and NewYork City for many reasons food, Aah NY pizza, halal, dirty dogs, yumm, culture, accessibility to transportation at any hour, the people’s mannerism always keeping it real but raising my children during these times, no way! These younger generations are ridiculously insane. They are vilant. Disrespectful to themselves and elders, don’t think before they act,hard headed and seek attention and love in the wrong places ( gangs). They want to be something they are not and wouldn’t know how to handle jail.

I still have family and friends I visit every now and then but walk with a purpose. Proceed with caution.

If you grew up in New York it doesn’t matter what part ,you can survive anywhere even in the military. I never could forget where I came from. I still have an accent after 16 years of not living there, lol.

How's living in the Bronx?

I am a (small) white girl living in the Bronx. It is very nice, great because it's not too crowded like other parts of the city. Most things (food, drugstore, bars) are within walking distance and reasonably priced, unlike parts of manhattan or brooklyn. Subway ride is manageable to manhattan, nothing too out of the way. I have never been afraid for my safety, and if you should be you'll know it and react accordingly. Overall, nothing awful about living here, mostly pleasant.

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