Modesto, California

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The Area

Modesto is in the Central Valley of California and is surrounded by rich farmland and the kind of pollen that anyone who has lived in a farming area knows can crush your spirit. The city is north in the central valley and so is geographically closer to San Francisco/San Jose than Los Angeles. It also sits roughly in the middle of the state on the east/west axis between the forests and mountains of Stanislaus National Forest and Yosemite to its east and the cities and coast of the Bay Area to the west. As was noted in the “Why Move Now” section its either isolated, or conveniently located depending on your appetite for driving.

There is an airport in Modesto that has private and charter option types but if you need a major airport then Oakland or San Jose will be your closest options at roughly 75-90 minutes away when there is no traffic.


Young Professionals

Modesto is not a city that pulls in a lot of young professionals, given the remoteness of the city. That said, there is a downtown arts scene with plenty of bars, restaurants and boutique shopping. If you move here for work then most will choose to live in the neighborhoods downtown and surrounding area. A combo of apartments/condos and apartments in homes make up the majority of the housing options in these areas.

  • Downtown (or DoMo)


Young Families

Which neighborhoods are best for young families will vary based on your pricing appetite but anything surrounding Graceada Park is a great option. These are older homes, some of which are renovated, beautiful and expensive, but some are older and can be had for more reasonable prices. The proximity to the park makes them ideal for walking the little ones over for playtime. Additional options to kick off your search include Coffee-Sylvan, East Modesto, and Northeast Modesto. Pricing in these areas average in the mid to high 200’s, which for California is pretty reasonable.

  • Coffee-Sylvan
  • East Modesto
  • Northeast Modesto

Del Rio Country Club

Established Families

Go North or East to find the fancier digs of Modesto. The Del Rio Country Club neighborhood is primo real estate and where we’d recommend starting if you’re looking for bigger homes, great lawns and the amenities of a country club area. Dutch Hollow and Tuscany are also really nice neighborhoods with newer construction of larger homes, big lawns and plenty of parks and sidewalks for the kids to ride their bikes around the areas. These three neighborhoods are the launching pad for your search.

  • Del Rio Country Club
  • Dutch Hollow
  • Tuscany