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What's it like to live in Jersey City?

What will I miss if I live in Jersey City and not Manhattan? Discussion

The density of stuff to do and density of energy is simply far higher in Manhattan. That's impossible to replicate in JC. Different parts of Jersey City have different options though if you want walkable stuff to do. Historic downtown has some good options for bars and restaurants and can make for some great nights out, but the Exchange place and Newport areas are pretty barren. Dating is a bit tougher as people see NJ in your profile and count you out even if you are really closer to them than folks in other parts of NYC.

I live in the Heights for the space - back before Covid when going to bars was a thing, I could be at a bar on 8th street in the Village to meet a date in 30 minutes door to door (via Uber to Hoboken PATH train then on foot).

If you don't mind the 'stigma' some place on having a Jersey zip code, it's a good life. The energy of Manhattan is mostly impossible to replace though, but do you want an apartment with space or that energy being literally outside your doorstep isntead? That's the tradeoff. I ride my bike a lot in the city from spring through fall - you just can't beat the energy of the city to me, it's contagious. But it's nice to be a 10 minute bike ride from the PATH train to get back to my nice 2BR apartment with in-unit laundry for 2K a month in JC.

Staten Island vs JC? No contest, JC all the way. The farthest flung areas of Queens or Brooklyn? I'd take JC over them as well. Honestly if I had the money I'd probably like to try living in certain parts of Manhattan or Brooklyn for a bit, but I enjoy my space too much, and my car. Keep in mind being in JC gives you access by car to hiking at great parks North and West from Harriman to Palisades Park and Delaware Water gap, and the beach es to the south.

What will I miss if I live in Jersey City and not Manhattan?

My family has been in LES and FiDi for literally 100 years; the last time my mom came to visit me in DTJC she said it was the closest to the “neighborhood” feeling she would get on Elizabeth Street in Little Italy in the 60s than she had felt since the late 80s. I personally don’t think there’s a comparison of JC to Manhattan, Manhattan is wildly overcrowded, littered with garbage everywhere, and far too expensive for what you’d get. Having lived in FiDi and DTJC, JC has far more to offer for me personally in my day to day life than Manhattan does; the local shops here are abundant and high quality, and I’m in a 2bd that I’d be paying at least double for in Manhattan. So to answer what you’d miss if you lived in JC - to me? Not much. Plus like you mentioned the Path, it’s a 20 minute train trip to midtown if you really need an NYC fix.

What would you miss from Manhattan living in JC? Idk, getting to say you live in Manhattan and about 75% of your paycheck

What will I miss if I live in Jersey City and not Manhattan?

I've been in JC for 10 years. Moved from NYC and I mostly love it. A few things:

I've never had any trouble getting NYC friends to come to JC. They ask on a regular basis

I've never met and dated anyone in JC

The restaurants here are nowhere near as good as NYC

JC is becoming less of a commuter city, but it's a long slow transition

I do love washer/dryer in my apartment and the extra bedrooms for stuff like office, exercise, guests, etc. I don't think you'll miss NYC much if you go in on a regular basis. And when you're out late, you can always Uber home. Skip the taxis since you have to negotiate the fare.

What is it like to live in Jersey City, NJ?

Overall Jersey City is becoming more hip and safe but still has a lot of rough areas/ crime/ poverty. The shops on Grove Street and luxury apartments have made it more attractive to young professionals looking for a commute comparable to Brooklyn at a (presumably) cheaper cost.

The PATH is objectively pretty reliable, safe, and fast although it can get VERY crowded at rush hour. Most apartments are located around Grove or offer shuttle buses to/from apartment complexes that are further away.

Things to Do: This is a good city if you like nightlife as there are a handful of decent options for sports bars. Liberty State Park is a nice and fairly large outdoor area, and there are a smattering of little parks to walk through as well.

Once you approach the Journal Square area of town it gets a little rougher. If you look at a crime map of Jersey City, this area has higher rates and isn’t as hip as the Grove Street area. There are a fair number of homeless people all over the city which can range from uncomfortable to dangerous.

Like others have mentioned, the area is quite expensive in contrast with other areas in Jersey, and other states, but you can still get “more bang for your buck” (ie, more space, more selection on living situation) then you might find in Manhattan or the boroughs.

Schools: I’m not a parent so I can’t say what the school system is like but I see many kids walking to school in the morning. I believe there are both public and private school options.

Take Away: Jersey City is decent if you are a young professional who wants a cheap/fast commute and are willing to be patient with an area that has a lot of different cultures and change. The PATH is much easier than NJ Transit, but the trade-off is a much more urban area that can be a little rough around the edges.

What you need to know before moving to Jersey City!