Huntington Beach, California

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Golden West

Young Professionals

Huntington Beach is a remote work paradise. You’ll find yourself getting less and less stressed about last minute meetings when you know the beach is just a stone’s throw away when you’re finally able to log off. If dog beaches and great restaurants are your thing, check out these neighborhoods:

  • Golden West
  • Bolsa Chica
  • Downtown

Fountain Valley

Young Families

Young Families are going to love Huntington Beach because it’s laid back. It has the perfect atmosphere for over-tired first-time parents in need of a quiet neighborhood and great amenities.

  • Fountain Valley
  • Golden West
  • Bolsa Chica

Edwards Hill

Established Families

Huntington Beach is far enough away from LA that you won’t have the same mind-numbing traffic or overcrowded streets. If you have older families, you’ll want to stay in the neighborhoods away from the craziness of downtown. There are a ton of areas with large homes and even larger yards.

  • Edwards Hill
  • Huntington Harbor
  • Sunset Beach