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What's it like to live in Hollywood?

What are the best aspects of living in Hollywood, FL as a young adult?

South Florida resident for decades, and an appraiser, so I know neighborhoods5y
Compared to so very many places…
Great weather. All. The. Time, pretty much. Can be a bit humid, but
Sunshine, and there are shade and breezes, so it's not oppressive either. No need to bundle up & wear galoshes or anything. We Never get that Gray and gloomy sleet and ugly syndrome for more than a few Hours, let alone Days or weeks like some places. That's the biggest plus for me, No snow to shovel, no black ice to drive on…. This is a Great place to live at any age for many reasons. You can wear pretty similar clothes almost all year, and so many more clothes & shoes Work here!
This weather means Endless Flowers and foliage, All kinds of bright and beautiful Colors, and they're copied in the homes/buildings as well.
Diversity, we're shot full of it. Many interesting people from anywhere and everywhere. People are pretty approachable, they're not really paranoid about being mugged, as again, it's a pretty nice place! Beats the heck out of some big inner city place, IMHO. Great place to walk the dog and meet people.
Festivals, all year and especially in the fall & winter months, even into spring. Lots of cool stuff to do, and many things cost very little or Free like the
Beautiful Beaches! Man oh man, they're Something else! Music, again a lot of variety, and signing up for Best Free Events in Broward or similar Meetup groups (Yahoo I guess) means there's a lot more to try out on a shoestring.
Not that hard to find a job if you catch on and are able to put your phone down and actually focus on that job. Bosses tend to be pretty grateful for that kind of thing and they reward it. Now, if you act all entitled and like showing up alone is doing them a big favor, there are lots of people looking too.
Wow, it's late, but those are a few of the things I personally love about south FL and Hollywood is one of the better areas, closer to the beach and all.

What advice would you give to someone who is moving to Hollywood, FL?

Make sure your home is setup for hurricanes. (Windows or shutters/ auto-generator or portable one)

Use a city inspector for roof, electrical… Hollywood has very strict inspectors that will help you.

Sign up for the Hollywood newsletter. It tells you the schedule for events( food trucks/ free concerts/art & craft shows) as well as public meetings.

You can pay your city bills online so signup for that.

Explore the restaurants and parks.

TY (Topakeegee Yugnee) park has multiple trails that are from 1.5 - 2.5 miles as well as outdoor gym equipment. It is free during the week and 1.50 per person on weekends & holidays. There is a pool that charges 7.50 I think. Tennis courts are free.

Anne Knolb Park has trails that go thru mangroves. West Park, across the street, rents kayaks & canoes.

Hollywood FL has something for everyone and is VERY inclusive.

Welcome Home.

What is it like to live in Hollywood, FL?

Great depending on what side of Hollywood you live. Near the beach is great. I’ve lived there my whole childhood and it was a blast. Ppl are always happy because the weather is nice. You meet ppl from all around the US because everyone ends up moving there. But beware: the crime rate is higher and your gonna pay more to live because of the location.

Does Hollywood feel more like a transition city, or a suburb of Fort Lauderdale?

My parents had a house in fort Lauderdale and I went to school in school in Hollywood for 10 years. I love both cities. Prefer Ft Laud more, tbh but Hollywood is cute. Fort Lauderdale to me is more high end and trendy and Hollywood is more like family? If that makes sense. I lived off 441. 15 mins from Fort Lauderdale Beach. I live in north Florida now and personally would never go back. But I love to visit old friends. It's nice to be able to leave.

Does Hollywood feel more like a transition city, or a suburb of Fort Lauderdale?

I live in around Hollywood now and grew up here. Hollywood in my very biased opinion is the best of all worlds of south Florida. Not too rednecky like Davie / west palm, English is the primary language unlike a lot of places in Miami. Most of all though your still right in all the action, with most places you'd go to for entertainment in a 20 min drive. The ghettos in Hollywood aren't anywhere near as bad as other cities nearby. The schools are decent, kids just skate and smoke pot growing up for the most part. However, it's not Weston so you still have to lock your car, can't leave your bike outside, etc. Hollywood Beach is the perfect in-between of not too crowded but still has things to do unlike South Beach or Fort Lauderdale. I would say it's a way more laid-back suburban area. The city was originally designed after Hollywood, Ca. So as such, we have plenty of little corner stores and such that will keep commutes way down in comparison to a drive to the store other places. The people are ime kinder, and more welcoming than fort Lauderdale and Miami by far, but not as country souther hospitality type generosity you might find in Loxahatchee, Davie, or Southwest Ranches. I think Hollywood is a nice in-between buffer area to the bigger cities surrounding it and would recommend anyone to move here. Not to mention the incredible boom were having. Take a look at young circle and Hollywood boulevard. Its constantly being developed and the homeless problem has died down 10x . Things are really shaping up and I predict property value will skyrocket in 10 years around downtown hollywood.

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