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What's it like to live in Hialeah?

What is Hialeah like for a white looking Hispanic

Gabriel Iglesias is an entertainer who built a career out of his Hispanic identity. It is in his interest to play up the differences. Also he's not from Miami and he's not Cuban, so he kind of has no idea what he's talking about.

All Miamians are used to being surrounded by people who are different from them. Nobody really gives a shit. Yes we have neighborhoods where people live closer to others like them, but it is not the kind of segregation you get in Northern cities. There are very few places in Miami where someone "shouldn't go".

Iglesias is right that white people probably won't like Hialeah but that is mostly because of the language barrier, which I take it is not an issue for you. It is also very culturally Cuban which some people can't get used to. But I don't think anybody is going to try and run you out of the neighborhood.

If you are not used to Cuban Spanish though it may take you a bit to get an ear for it!

Hialeah is the punching bag of Miami. Here’s why that’s messed up

Hialeah is the New Gold Rush, people 10 years from now will be crying they didn’t buy Proerty now in Hialeah which is dirt cheap. Why, it’s not too far west or South Like Doral or Kendall which are commuter Hellholes and traffic nightmares. It’s not anywhere near as Over Priced as Miami SW8th ST, or Brickell MidTown, The Beach Etc. Hialeah is West of 95 So Insurance is a lot cheaper than living East of 95. Hialeah already has 1 MetroRail Stop Will likely get 2 More if the Rail SMART Plan ever gets going. Heck I’m buying 1 investment home property in Hialeah looking for 2 More. Prices are spiking every month.

Why is there such a bad stigma of Hialeah, Fl?

I an not Hispanic, but anglo and have lived here for 15 years.

My view of Hialeah:

—Hard working, first generation Americans. Good people. God bless them! Welcome to the U.S.

—Low cime.

—Concrete front yards.

—Looked down upon by earlier arrivals, who likely now live in Pembroke Pines or Coral Gables.

Other than that, seems like a nice, middle class place.

Why is there such a bad stigma of Hialeah, Fl?

I really never heard any unusual amount of bitching about Hialeah, at least no more than about anyplace else.

I wasn't exactly thrilled with the Hispanic takeover of it but I got used to it and it's just a non-problem.

Whenever I can, I go to the July 4th fireworks presentation at Milander Stadium. I went to HHS so I know just where to park for this incredible show that puts you so close to the display that burning stuff sometimes lands next to you. And they have a great laser show as well. To top it off, they're cognizant that you're not there to hear the city leaders drone on before the show, and they keep that very short.

I've done fireworks in Las Vegas, in Louisville (thunder of Louisville) and a few other places. Nothing beat Hialeah yet.

Maybe it's because of that "welcome to Hialeah" monument on red road coming from the north that has scrawled on it "city of bad cops'".. lol.