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What's it like to live in Hermosa Beach?

thinking of moving from nyc to hermosa beach, good idea?

I grew up in Manhattan Beach, lived in NYC for nearly 9 years, and contemplated the same move (we ended up choosing Highland Park).

I think Hermosa is a great option for you. If you want walkability, you should live on the west side of Pacific Coast Highway. Ideally you're west of Valley, and walkable to Pier Ave.

The only thing I would caution you about is the culture of Hermosa Beach. Hermosa is very white, and bro culture is strong. Businesses are generally catering to drunk bros or affluent families. There isn't much remnant of the counterculture that once existed there.

As others have said, your life in LA will be much better if you can work from home or live close to where you work.

How is Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach area?

Well the South Bay is like one of the nicest parts of LA. I think most people who live here would love to move there if they could afford it. Manhattan Beach especially is my favorite part of LA, I never go to west LA for their beaches because Manhattan Beach is a much better option for a beach day. But Hermosa will be younger and feel more happening if that’s what you’re looking for. Either way, 2 or the best parts of LA. Honestly I’d just say drive over there when you get a chance, that would pretty much answer any questions you have. You’re talking about some of the richest areas in LA, of course it’s safe.

Any difference between Redondo, Hermosa, and Manhattan beaches?

Redondo is divided into north and south. North is not next to the ocean - it’s east of hermosa. Don’t live in north redondo unless you’re trying to live in hermosa and can’t afford it. South redondo is on the beach, and it has its own little self contained village called the Riviera Village. It’s cute. Redondo is the “cheapest” of the three cities. There is more space and parking in redondo. Housing lots are generally bigger. South redondo is a sleepy place, but there are some fun places in the village and on the pier like Najas. Redondo is low key.

Hermosa, like others have mentioned, is younger and more compact. Parking sucks big time. The beach is big and has a boardwalk that is a scene. There’s a lot of nightlife, and my favorite hot yoga studio is there. If you’re under 30 and really like to party, I’d probably pick hermosa. Hermosa is high key.

Manhattan Beach is the most expensive of the three. Lots of very wealthy families. It’s also, reportedly, the best place to meet affluent singles. The six man tournament is super fun in august. There are also quite a few great restaurants in Manhattan. I’d reckon the food scene is better in MB than the other 2 cities, and it is closer to LA if restaurants are your thing. Manhattan is boujie.

All of that aside, if you have a bike, you can cruise the strand easily. With an electric bike, you can enjoy all three cities without sweating too hard :)

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