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What's it like to live in Gilbert?

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Yes, Gilbert is extremely desirable and a great place to raise a family. The only downside is how many people are figuring this out. It is the cleanest, most well organized, and manicured curry I have ever seen in my life or that I have lived in

Edit: city not Curry 😭😂

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Pretty much all of Gilbert is safe, dont worry about that.

The smells (and blowing dirt right now with frequent construction) are fairly prominent in E Gilbert (Power/Recker). Another thing to watch out for is noise levels where there are lots of bars. I lived downtown for a few years until recently and Whiskey Row made it a nightmare. Certain pockets of East/southeast are poised to become destinations for stuff like that too.

Morrison ranch is nice though.

What another said about proximity to work is 110% true. A 15-mile commute can turn into an hour easily.

I want to move to Gilbert

Yeesh, such anger towards Gilbert. Don't listen to them -- Gilbert is a wonderful place to live. It's my favorite place in the valley.

Yeah, it's not the greatest if you are young and want an active bar/club life. There might not be any in Gilbert (dunno; not my scene). But it's low-key, family friendly, has the best overall school district in the state, a responsive city government, relatively well situated, and lots of houses in lots of price ranges.

As far as Mormons go… it's nothing to worry about. They don't have the clout that they do in Utah, so they can't really impose themselves on people. As a result, you get the best part of Mormons (they are really nice people) without all of the bad (pushy pushy pushy).

I want to move to Gilbert.

Why? There's nothing there, it costs more to live there than neighboring citys, and the houses are all built within arms reach of each other. I would recommend living in Tempe or Mesa if you want to live in that part of the valley. Only a 10 minute commute by car, or half hour by bus, gets you into a part of town that isn't a "bedroom community".

Gilbert Arizona - Best Suburb in Phoenix Metro