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What's it like to live in Fayetteville?

What is it like to live in Fayetteville, North Carolina?

Well. I live in Fayetteville North Carolina. You can get all 4 seasons in one week. Summer is hot and muggy. Winter is usually mild and wet. Spring and fall are perfect. Depending on where you live in fayetteville it can be a challenge. It can be very overwhelming at times. So many different people because of Ft Bragg. There is plenty to do if you have never lived here. As with all cities there are placea you want to stay away from. It really depends on your budget. I recommend staying out of city limits like Eastover or Grays Creek. Other than that its not too bad.

What is your opinion of Fayetteville NC?

I am one of those “townies” that are originally from the fayetteville and surrounding counties. Yes my mom did 26 years in military and grandparents served (including many family members). The difference of people complaining non stop about family is they OWN NOTHING. if you do not own your home, own some land, own a business, OWN SOMETHING, all you can do is complain and feel like your money or voice has no say. The key in fayetteville NC is the parks, the businesses, volunteering, the people. If your life has purpose and meaning you can enjoy fayetteville more. the key is many house wives are lonely, bored or come to town with no friends. This adds to the complaints about fayetteville. We have 3 colleges in the city and many of those students are looking for things to do, so they do complain a bunch as well. I enjoy being in a city full of soldiers, brave people, interesting minorities from all over the world, thai, french, cuba, mexican, chinese, japanese and korean restaurants. The international day is fun. the second part is do you travel outside your city? north carolina has beaches and mountains, ski resorts, 300 plus waterfalls, and huge colleges in raleigh about 45 minutes away. The key to fayetteville is getting out and getting invested in the city. Boring people make a place boring, so become interesting and enjoy the city. check out this article i think it does a great job https://www.thecrazytourist.com/15-best-things-fayetteville-nc/

Is Fayetteville NC the worst place to live in America?

Having lived in NYC about half of my life, far east of the city on Long Island for most of the rest of it, and Fayetteville for half a decade, I can’t see anything here that’s worse than anywhere else in the US. Do we have loads of strip clubs? Sure, but didn’t it take decades for NYC to clean up the sex-in-the-street trade? Parts of Long Island are even worse.

About the only thing Fayetteville has that most other cities don’t is the US Army. But that doesn’t change anything - some cities that have never seen a soldier are worse. And who cares if a customer in Walmart is wearing fatigues?

Try northern New York, where you can’t get out the 2nd floor windows sometimes, because the snow reaches the top of the window. Or some places in the interior northwest, where it reaches -20°F or lower during the winter. Or Detroit, with a violent crime rate of almost 2,000/100,000 population (the highest in the US - 2%).

There are many places worse, in some way, than Fayetteville. It’s not perfect, but it’s far from worst.

Is Fayetteville NC the worst place to live in America?

Ok ok enough on everone beating on Fayetteville come now if some of y'all yeah i said y'all lol but anyway get off your phones and on your feet Fayetteville has been my home all of my life and i love it here but if your wondering what is so great about Fayetteville? Frist of u you should put your right hand over your heart and salute the flag the next time you see one ok Fayetteville NC is home to Fort Bragg and Special Operations. the biggest army base in the US think about it how many soldiers you think we're trained here to protect our asses? Go to the Special operations Museum (downtown) it will bring tears to your eyes to see how many hometown men and women died protecting us there home town. Well if that aint enough theres allways the museum's and believe me theres a alot of them aound do some research there not hard to find.oh yeah. Lets not forget about the parks!! The Bicentennial Gardens located right out of the downtown area one of the most beautiful places in the spring time and lets not forget about Arnette Park beautiful park also with lots of places to cookout private gazebos for you and other or maybe just the family it really nice trust me my kids love it. enough about that everybody allways talking about the Asian food around here but if your looking for some good food remember we are in the south and theres is some good soul food around for instance kinlaw's Strickland's Buddy's BBQ lots of places not to Mention the barbecue Hut .

Some of y'all probably remember Vicks it was one of my favorite places to eat too good soul food but anyways the night life is excellent weather your into country or rap it really doesn't matter form the Big apple or the Cadillac Ranch or something eles you'll find something that fits you somewhere in between the two. I could go on an on about my town but please before you bash my town think about one thing your freedom how many men and woman didnt didnt home to Fayetteville NC or the ones that where trained here like my grandfather sergeant major Donald Sova all the men and women that were either from here or train here and that alone should be enough and i would like to thank each and ever one of them for there service and lets lets not forget about all the little mom and pops businesses out there like Danny odom and son roofing or DEI, or grays creek bar grill Capefear well and pump, kinlaw's thats just a drop in bucket folks they also been keeping this town up in going thank you for helping us keep food on the table and the lights on yeah we might be called Fayettnam a hole in the wall town but you best believe we stand United as one under god and Liberty just like we all should. Like motel 6 use to we'll keepna light on for you.Now folks thats southern hospitality!!!

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