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What's it like to live in Denver?

What do you wish you knew about Denver before you moved here?

I lived in the North East prior to this. It wasn't unreasonable to see snow on the ground for multiple weeks straight, for it to snow every day, etc. Or be a warm and rainy winter making winter sports suck ass. Then in summer it was unreasonable heat and humidity.

I like it here much better. In the winter it snows occasionally, sometimes significantly in the front range, but it rarely sticks around for more than two or three days with the exception of the plow piles. Down in the front range it's likely that you'll be able to do a variety of outdoor stuff (walk/jog/hike at low altitudes/bike) pretty frequently and often in shirt sleeves. Conversely if you head to the mountains you can reliably get months of snow with good skiing most years; depending on your ability and tolerance, you can have a first day in resort mid October and finish up early June (or even July 4th a year ago). Longer if you're willing to hike for your turns.

Summer on the other hand can be quite warm, and there are some days I actually look at the sun and am like, "can you fucking not today??? it's been you for like 6 weeks, lets get some clouds for a day or two". But it's much less humid here so 95 or 100 can be pretty comfortable, and if you run up into the mountains it tends to be significantly cooler. Camping up there this August had night-time temps in the low 40s.

Overall I like it since you can basically pick your weather with a 90 minute or less drive. Want lots of snow, stay a couple of days up in the mountains. No snow? Stay in the front range, etc etc.

What is it like to live in Denver, CO?

What's it like? I love it! Living in Denver offers all the amenities of “Big City” life, without the major hassles of metropolises like New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles. Traffic can be a bit of a problem, bit unless you've driven the 405, the I-5 in California, or tried to cross the GWB in NY in rush bour traffic, then you have no idea of what rush hour traffic really is.

We may still be considered a cow town by some who think we lack the urban panache of major metropolitan areas, but Denver has a deep underlying current of sophistication that belies it's wild west persona.

We are not only represented quite well in all major sports categories, (Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Hockey) but we also have, and invest a considerable amount of time in, secondary sports activities that provide varied recreational activities for those who wish to enjoy them.

We enjoy the comforts of urban living, knowing that the mountains are just a short drive away that offer urban dwellers a brief respite from the congestion of the city. The scenic beauty of the mountains, coupled with the wide variety of things to do in Denver offer a comfortable mix of business and pleasure.

Denver has a vibrant economy, and is on the cutting edge of technology in R&D, and if you're in the tech industry, job prospects and growth are major draws for employment in the Metro area.

Are you planning on living in Denver/Denver Metro long term?

I like this question. My partner and I moved here from Atlanta in 2011; bought a home in 2013 because we saw ourselves being here long term. Now I'm not so sure. Although I enjoy many of the things Denver has to offer, I catch myself whining like a lot of the "natives" because of insane traffic, crowded trails, and…many of the things Denver has to offer. I think I just have to remember that I'm part of the problem (although Denver still needs to adjust to the rapid growth, because from what I've seen it's not slowing down). I've adjusted my hobbies over the last several years: less snowboarding, no more hiking 14ers, more gardening, and have really gotten into birding, and have noticed a difference in my mental health. I'm ashamed at how many times I was already angry by the time I got to the Copper parking lot on a Saturday. I keep thinking I can outlast the people who moved here in the last five years, since they all say it's unsustainable, but I'm not sure if I care anymore. I still quite like it here, and if we ever move away, it'll only be if we can substantially increase our income while drastically reducing our housing costs (hello FIRE), and even then we're pretty picky about where we want to end up, geographically speaking.

I’m moving to Denver soon, are people around there and the rest of Colorado typically fake nice or are they genuinely truly friendly?

I’ve lived all over the country! Grew up in Southern California, lived in New York for a couple years, Florida for another couple of years, Oklahoma, and have been in the Denver area off and on since 94 and permanent since 2003.

Out of everywhere I’ve lived, people here are probably the most ‘real’. Yes there’s drama and you’ll have your cliques here and there, but generally people are nice, friendly, decent enough. They may get a little snobby towards downtown and certain other places, but even the snobs are generally nice (I’ve dealt with some serious snobs, assholes, proud, egotistical sob’s in many states!)!

Some frown on people moving here as the town has become overpopulated and it seems like it can’t keep up, but you won’t even hear about it until you’re here for so long and start bitching about it yourself! lol

No worries! Like I said; probably the most decent people out of anywhere I’ve lived! I love it here and it is my home! I’m sure you will too!

(Just stay out of Boulder! Those trust-fund-hippies are another breed!! haha)

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