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What's it like to live in Columbus?

Best and Worst About Living In Columbus?

I am originally from here but lived in LA for a couple years. For me, the best thing about moving back was just how easy it is to do things here, unless you have lived in a big city that can be hard to appreciate, but in Columbus you can get to anywhere in the city from anywhere else within 30 mins, you can drive, park (usually for free 😮) and just walk in with pretty much no inconvenience. In addition to the cost of living, that was kind of the best. In response to the other person's comment about the people, I didn't really find them too different from one another, but Columbus has a lot less cultural diversity than CA overall - not to say there is none, but in CA cities the diversity is much more prominent.

The worst thing about living here is probably just the lack of proximity to the ocean, but overall I absolutely love it and lake Erie being only 2 hours away can give you that large body of water fix if you need it.

Best and Worst about living here?

Worst? Climate, definitely. I moved here from SoCal 4 years ago. Central OH has miserably humid summers and never ending, bitter cold winters, with wind year round. The number of nice days per year I can probably count on my fingers and toes. You will go literal weeks without seeing the sun. The longest stretch I personally remember is 4.5 one Jan-Feb.

If you move here, invest in lots of nice, high-quality, wool socks/hats/scarves, especially the socks. The number of pairs of shoes, jackets, and pants you have will triple.

Because of the weather, the roads are in horrible shape too. Even the highways are full of gravel, I couldn't believe how quickly my car deteriorated after I moved here. It aged ten years in one.

Also, bugs. Mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, mayflies, gadflies, all kinds of crap. You'll be amazed how big the swarms are and how many get in your house.

People get pretty serious about the football too, you'll probably want to either stay at home or leave town for game day when its a home game.

Best part? If you like food and drink, or entertainment, there is a lot here for you. There is a lot of energy around the city, lots of business, development, art, innovation, local sports, etc. Ice cream is kind of a big deal here, people fight over their favorite local chains. The city is reasonably well run (the state, not so much). Most people are nice, but you'll definitely find more discrimination of all kinds here too. In the summer, there are usually a lot of awesome festivals and concerts.

Another good part, people here complain about traffic and parking, but there isn't any real traffic here, and parking is never hard, relative to what you're probably used to.

Its cheaper than Cali in general, but like anywhere, you can spend as much as you want to on housing. Actually, its kind of a hot housing market here now, both rental and buying, so prices may not be as much cheaper as you hope. I was paying $1450/mo for an apartment in LA, and similar sized, aged and niceness apartments on my block here in Columbus are advertising at $1250. I don't live in the boonies, and I don't live in what is considered either a "bad" or a "good" neighborhood. Its definitely cheaper to live here, but I was honestly surprised, when I moved, I ended up paying more for produce here, and it was all half brown in the store. In the summer, you can get good produce from local farmers markets and CSAs though, so that helps. Things aren't that much cheaper though, its not like you're moving to central Nebraska or South Dakota.

Do you love Columbus, OH, or do you hate it? Why?

I was born in the South End (yes, it is capitalized) of Columbus in 1952, and my neighborhood also now looks like a slum, but I love Columbus, Ohio.

It is growing by leaps and bounds. New jobs are expanding all of the time, and downtown Columbus has really blossomed.

I remember as a kid thinking, “Why don’t they do something with the Scioto River in the downtown area?” Well, they have.

I now live in Westerville, and I love it here, but I also very much enjoy going to German Village, downtown Columbus, the Short North, Clintonville, and all of the surrounding areas.

There’s the Art Festival, the Jazz and Ribs Festival, Greek, Italian, Oktoberfest…art, theater, dining…you name it.

The Xerox machine was invented in Columbus..yes, the Xerox…we had one of the first international airports, so much more: Columbus, Ohio - Ohio History Central

All of this, and not to mention the medical advances discovered in Columbus…it’s okay….Google is your friend.

Why should we move to Columbus, Ohio?

Columbus has quite a bit going for it…

A)Cost of living is very cheap here and not because it is a bad place to live.

B)A nice midsize airport. Easy to get in and out of but enough choices to have competitive fares (no major hub here).

C)Lots of space and rather easy to get around in your car.

D)Mass transit consists solely of buses and they are limited in hours and scope. On the other hand they are cheap compared to other major cities (4.50 for a day pass, 62 for a monthly pass).

E)Ohio State is a major research university. Columbus College of Art and Design is known nationally and they are not the only fine universities in the city.

F)Lots of neighborhoods within the city each with their own personality and some have busy night lives.

G) Museums are rather limited but the art museum is wonderful and is free on Sundays.

H) A world class (no hyperbole) zoo which is the jewel of the city.

I) Professional sports are limited with the highlights being the NHL Bluejackets and the MLS Crew. Columbus is still very much a college town sports wise dominated by Ohio State but the pro teams are supported well.

J)Lots of hi-tech jobs here (Batelle Institute a well known one).

K)Unlike most of the "rust belt" Columbus was never dominated by heavy industry and is a service, knowledge based economy. We are the only major city in Ohio to be growing and rapidly at that.

L)Crime rate, especially violent, is relatively low.

To sum up I would say Columbus is about as big as you want if you want the cultural and conveniences of a big city but not so big as you start running into the downsides of a major city (congestion, costs, crime etc…)

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