College Station, Texas


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What's it like to live in College Station?

Living in college station?

College Station is a very hot and humid small town with a giant university in the middle of it that has a fuck ton of traditions and a huge military and STEM presence.

If you're looking for fun things to do, I would recommend going to a concert at the Grand Stafford or visiting the mom-and-pop shops in Downtown Bryan or going to a movie at Cinemark or dancing at Halo. Northgate, which you'll inevitably hear a lot about, is a strip of bars and clubs but you either love it or you fucking hate it. I think Downtown Bryan has more things to do than College Station.

As somebody who's lived in Houston and San Antonio and a few smaller towns on the outside of them, there are definitely smaller towns in the world than College Station but nonetheless, it's still a small town and there's still not very much to do. This town is basically A&M plus Bryan and you'll find that the population of college students outweighs the population of old people and the old people are constantly complaining about the college students even though they live in COLLEGE station so that's fun.

Football season is a really big thing here and, during game weekends, there's usually a lot of traffic from all of the alumni that overwhelm the town to go to the games.

I would really recommend joining an organization or befriending your classmates because being alone in this town can really make or break your experience--as it can anywhere, but especially here.

Living in college station?

College Station is like the biggest small town ever. It is not a diverse populace, though. The default is white, straight, southern Christian. There is an unfortunate racist streak. Even in my graduate program, a professional program that graduated doctors, I witnessed overt racism (e.g. the wearing of confederate flag t-shirts, and complaining on social media about black people.) The white nationalist Richard Spencer chose Texas A&M to visit and spew his hate speech in 2016. However, you will find that the majority of the people are kind, warm, and honorable.

What's it like living in college station as a non-college student? Also, does anyone have any info/experience on working as a doctor with the med school for A&M?

I don't have any information about the med school, but I live in College Station as a PhD student (27). I really like the town, although it definitely doesn't have as much to do as cities would.

It is a really good town to raise a family in. The schools are fantastic and it is considered pretty safe. I hear about a lot of people who choose to raise family here. I rent a duplex in a "cheap" area of CS, and all weekend long the quiet street I live on is full of young kids playing as about half of the duplexes house families.

The traffic can be a bit of a pain when school is in session, but everything you could need is conveniently in town within a 10 min drive. And while it isn't a thrilling metropolis of entertainment options, Houston and Austin are both under 2 hours away and make for easy day trips when you want to get out.

What are the people like in College Station, TX?

The makeup of College Station alone is primarily White Christian. This is of course not accounting for the neighboring town of Bryan and of course the large number of international students at Texas A&M. 60,000 students cover the population of Texas A&M so it is a college town. The people are some of the nicest/spirited individuals I’ve ever met before; this is especially true for me because I come from a border town in the south. The politeness and mannerisms of people first struck me when I moved here because, for example, you can have a good, well-meaningful conversation with any random person feeling content.

College Station, Texas has been named by Forbes Magazine as one of the best places to retire.