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What's it like to live in Cleveland?

Moving To Cleveland! What is it like?

You pretty much picked one of the best cities in America for the medical field. Col is very affordable, and traffic is either manageable or light depending on past experiences. I don't know what you hobbies are, but you can find stuff to do. Hiking is amazing in the area, we have a world renowned orchestra, and amazing museums. The thing with cleveland though is, you may need to travel for the more niche hobbies. If you want it, we probably have it, but it may be a 30 min drive to the other side of the city.

I used to date a girl from Michigan and she did struggle here. People like to make Michigan jokes. Most people mean it in good fun and hope you fire back. She took it seriously and definitely struggled because she felt attacked a lot. She also said she got the feeling people in Cleveland are fake nice. I think people here are genuinely nice, but that was her perception, most likely developed due to differences in cleveland and Michigan.

Cleveland is definitely liberal. Suburbs are a mix (and you will find yourself visiting some suburbs just because of how the city is).

I won't address anything regarding race as I'm not equipped to do so.

Moving To Cleveland! What is it like?

In general, it’s a lot like any other non-mega or unique city outside of NYC, LA, Seattle, Denver, Miami, Austin, Boston, etc. People say, “good food and craft beer”, but I think we can do better.

My slightly more specific perspective is:

Midwesterners are honest in a usually friendly way.

-Cleveland IS a sizable city with an incredibly large metropolitan population that rolls “immediately” into other major cities like Akron. This is significant in that you’ve got a lot more people and resources within easy driving to support restaurants/venues as opposed to some places that have steep population fall offs at city limits. Lots of positives to read into with that

-it’s on Lake Erie, perch fishing is big, visit Put-In-Bay or Kelly’s island, go sailing

-Cedar Point is really something else if you’ve never been. Other places DO NOT compare.

-A short drive to Chicago and less than a days drive from several other major cities like Columbus, Cincinnati, or Pittsburgh (or NY!)

-low cost of living means traveling on a doctors salary gets you further than other places

-Similar to just saying Museums, the Cleveland Zoo and Science Center

-Some really great movie theaters that’ll get special releases others won’t

-I know I ragged on it before but there’s great restaurants in and around Cleveland. And an insane amount of them.

-Music scene is VERY strong

-people justifiably complain about winter but it gets wonderfully picturesque without the devastation seen in other cities.

-like others have said, three major sports teams

Moving To Cleveland! What is it like?

Hey I have some insight! I am also a professional Black female mid 20s. Moved here from another city that had more diversity and culture…it was an adjustment tbh.

Cost of living - Most space for lowest price is in suburbs, downside they're very conservative, very white, my experience not friendly. Stay away from Brunswick, Medina, North Olmsted, Strongsville, Westlake,Avon areas. Liberal spots good for you(ranked most expensive to least) are Van Aken, Lakewood, Woodmere(aka black& boujee, fun fact wealthiest blacks live in this area),University Circle/Cleveland Heights(closest to cleveland clinic),Ohio City, Shaker Heights, Maple Heights,Old Brooklyn, East Cleveland - STAY AWAY very ghetto

(Pre COVID) The closer to downtown and the lake, the more fun you'll have. If you're ballin honestly check out apartments in the Flats. Puts you right in the middle of all the night life/bar scene. If you want more artsy type fun, spoken word, poetry nights, painting…etc you'll have to travel to East side on occasion since that's where young black professional groups like to host events. The central for black owned businesses tht host those events are the University Circle/Cleveland Heights area.

Don't be like me, make sure to stay closer to the city, I now have to drive at least 45mins for a decent hairdresser and tasteful food. I hope this helps you. I've been here 5 yrs and I work in finance.

What is it like to live in Cleveland, OH?

It is a great city. Best playhouse district outside of NYC, 4 beautiful renovated theaters with excellent entertainment. World renowned orchestra, art museum , art and culture. Two big stadiums with good sports teams. The emerald necklace, with miles and miles of beautiful trails, lots of beautiful green space. The lake front, beautiful beach and brand new areas. The downtown area is clean and safe. Beautiful to walk through at night. Wonderful Park system. Every kind of trendy restaurant you can think of and food markets. And of course the Rock and roll museum and the Football Hall of Fame. Fantastic medical community with world famous hospitals. Good suburbs and affordable housing.Well the list goes on and on but that is a sample of what is in Cleveland.

Is Cleveland a rundown town? Where are the nice places in Cleveland to live? Is it true that Cleveland is improving?