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What's it like to live in Casper?

**Questions about moving to or visiting Wyoming? Ask here!

Is Wyoming really as deserted as we’re lead to believe? I know the population is quite low compared to other states but that can be misleading. What’s the water situation there? Is the wind as fierce as some claim? How are the seasons? Is winter snow really bad or is it just just cold with a little snow (notwithstanding the mountains)? I’ve always planned to retire there because of the low population but I have yet to visit.**

To address the water question, there are some neighborhoods/developments just outside of Laramie (for example) that have to haul water because there is no potable water on the land. If you buy property outside of city/town limits, absolutely ask about the water situation.

To add to what Ox_Beagle said, I know that areas around Casper have the same issue. Northeast of town due to the well water not being potable, and higher up on Casper Mountain due to not being able to drill wells deep enough.

Just like any state, you’re going to have areas that are beautiful, but require extra work to live there, and areas that are less beautiful, but have all the amenities you desire.

Things I would want to know before moving here

Slippery roads and sidewalks are to be watched for, wear layers, include an extra pair of sunglasses, gloves, extra pair of shoes and socks in my car. I warm up my car well before going anywhere, I’ll try to download my music or morning shows at home on wifi because cell service isn’t great at peak times. Drive 20mph when you enter Evansville, drive 30mph when entering mills, have decent phone holders so you won’t get pulled over in Evansville or mills with your phone in your hand. Casper is said to be boring, so it might be. Hand warmers keep me happy whether disposable or rechargeable ones. I have bright lightbulbs in my bedroom to keep me happy, also I take vitamin d supplements to stay happy. The shorter days Maybe this was a long rant but welcome to Casper!! If you’re from California don’t tell that to people, say you from Nashville or Texas. Haha kidding! But maybe!

Planning on moving to Casper and needing advice please

I definitely recommend living in Casper! We love it here! Make sure you get your house inspected for Radon since it’s very common for basements in this area to have an unsafe amount of radon and it’s not tested in your general home inspection. Homes seem to be climbing in price all the time but it’s still much more affordable here than Colorado or other surrounding states. In terms of vehicles, four wheel drive is best for the winter when it’s snowy, but you can get by with a two wheel drive vehicle as long as you invest in high quality snow tires. Good luck!

How is it living in Casper, Wyoming?

It's 50/50 for me. The wind is absolutely bonkers some days, but that's just a part of life in Wyoming in general. I really hate the oil field culture here. A majority of the population is oil workers with $70k trucks that drive like they're blind, and act like the world owes them a blow job. You know the type, the guys with white Oakleys, a thin blue line decal, and who think Five Finger Death Punch is the greatest band on earth.

The construction here goes at a snails pace, and like I noted before the drivers here are psychopaths. But there is a lot to do, especially if you enjoy outdoor activities, and there is a thriving little art scene here among musicians, photographers and painters.

Last thing I say is AVOID Mills like your life depends on it

Pros and Cons of Living in Casper Wyoming!