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What's it like to live in Brentwood?

What is Brentwood like?

Brentwood is hot in summer and colder in winter than the rest of the Bay Area. Mix of suburban and country. People love boating, dirt bikes and fishing. The delta is one of my favorite places in CA. There’s tons to explore out there. No real youth scene since there’s not even a college out there. Not as diverse as the rest of the Bay Area but depending on what type of women you’re into you’ll be okay. Nice new houses in master planned community so I would rather live there than Antioch or Oakley. Good parks. There’s a skatepark. More people are moving out there from Oakland/Walnut Creek so I would expect to see more little fancy restaurants coming soon. I was looking at moving to Brentwood and seriously considered buying a jet ski. Other than that it’s just a typical American suburb. Also, La Costa is good. Only been to the Oakley one but I would assume it’s similar.

Tracy vs. Brentwood?

Brentwood. The schools are better, the property taxes seem better managed. Tracy had a huge growth spurt before the pandemic and honestly the flow of the city sucks now. Both city’s have a pretty dead mall. But if you plan to have kids, Brentwoods probably a better bet. The commute will be bad, Altamont pass is always bad, Vasco can be bad in the case of an accident (Normally shuts the whole road down). I’m not sure why property value in Tracy is so high.

Tracy vs. Brentwood?

We went through this experience and ultimately chose Brentwood back in 2021. Coming from SF it took time to acclimate but overall we are happy with the decision.

We have family in both cities and what made us choose Brentwood over Tracy was hearing the differences in education quality from our nephews, the more integrated green spaces in Brentwood, and general amenities.

Amenities: close to the delta and Discovery Bay, stores we usually frequent, Friday night markets, Saturday morning farmers markets, fresh fruits and veggies.

With the commute to SJ, Tracey would be better, Vasco is not a great road, and the 4 is pretty meh too.

There is a park and ride in Brentwood with plenty of parking if that’s an option you’d want.

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