Bayamon, Puerto Rico

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What's it like to live in Bayamon?

Is Bayamón a poorer part of Puerto Rico?

Anyway, according to the 2010 US census data, the median household income in Bayamón is $24,374 and 35.40% of the population lives below the "poverty line," however that is defined.

Data: Bayamón, Puerto Rico

Let's look at San Juan's numbers: median household income is $22,754 and 40.10% of people live below the poverty line. The numbers favor Bayamón, though it's a close race and this data is 6 years old.

Data: San Juan, Puerto Rico

From my own experience, as someone raised in Bayamón and currently living and working in San Juan, San Juan has some really fancy places if you stay in the tourist areas but the seams start to show as soon as you go off the beaten path. For even though there is an Hato Rey where you may find the biggest mall in the Caribbean (Plaza las Américas), there is also Río Piedras, which used to be a commercial hub but is now host to many closed businesses. For even though there is a beautiful Old San Juan that the tourist offices take care to keep attractive and furnished, there is also a Santurce that is run down and not very well maintained.

As for Bayamón, it really depends on where you go (just like San Juan, go figure). If you spend your days in Rio Hondo or in Monte Claro, Bayamón won't seem poor. However, if you spend your days in Santa Olaya, the story will be quite different.

Of course, the big businesses that generate the most money are not in Bayamón nor San Juan. Go to smaller municipalities and you will realize that big, powerful pharmaceutical plants dot the island but do not operate from Bayamón or San Juan!

Where is the best pizza in Bayamon, PR?

There used to be a few good places to get pizza, most of them either closed or changed administration and do not live up to their expectatives. Pizza Ranch is right now the best place to grab pizza in Puerto Rico. They have two locations, one in Santa Juanita, the other one in the Lomas Verdes Ave. Fahrenheit Pizza is a great option (even better tasting than Pizza Ranch) but it's in a mall (Río Hondo) and is pricey.

Will be in Bayamon, is a car still necessary?

Necessary? No. Convenient? Very. Bayamón is kind of spread out and it isn't particularly walkable. There are a few train stations which might help but only if you live right next to them and there's always Uber but it can get expensive.

What You Should Know About Living in Bayamon, Puerto Rico