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What's it like to live in Atlanta?

Pros: our amazing tree canopy, beautiful parks, pleasant intown neighborhoods, Buford Hwy and the array of ethnic food, the Beltline, PCM, a thriving art scene and phenomenal restaurants, a healthy business culture. Atlanta has turned a progressive corner in the past several years - particularly with the City Design and public/private investment in Downtown.

Cons: highways that have torn Atlanta apart and make connectivity difficult, regionalism that is often combative, competitive and unproductive, short-sighted development and the corruption that tends to hinder progress for the greater good.

What do you like and dislike about living in Atlanta?

On the positive side, I am in absolute love with Midtown/Downtown and many of the surrounding neighborhoods. We are seeing some nice dense developments, and a trend towards street-facing development (I'm looking at you, Peachtree Center). It's not terribly expensive to live here, and its possible to live daily life without car ownership.

Although I come from one of the semi-rural suburbs of Chattanooga. Over there, the closest place worth going to (the nearest middle/high school) was 2 miles from my house, so driving and car ownership were practically essential.

My biggest complaint with the city is our infrastructure. Driving sucks, and it's not just traffic. Many sections of roads are in dire need of a few cans of white/yellow paint and perhaps some fresh pavement, and some intersections just appear poorly thought out. MARTA is a decent system IMO. but service frequencies on the rail and many bus routes suck during weekends and nights (and some during the day). Although a lot has changed recently and is still changing. But even then, there are still a handful of accessibility issues that remain even if some are being addressed. Oh, and the way we handle sidewalks is pants-on-head retarded.

I just moved into a unit in Atlantic Station (just updated my flair so it's official), so its a bit of a change from a on-campus apartment along North Avenue, and it definitely beats being homeless.

PS: don't complain about the cost of rent.

What is it like to live in Atlanta, GA?

Life in Atlanta, in my opinion, is fantastic!

I will tell you about a few things that I really enjoy about Atlanta.


The beltline is a project that takes up spaces around parks all around the city. My favorite part is the beltline by Piedmont Park which has recently exploded in popularity. There are numerous bars and restaurants all along the beltline. It is basically a giant sidewalk leading to great food and drink all over the east part of Atlanta.

Virginia Highland

I used to live in Virginia Highland. I love this area. On Highland Avenue there are a handful of fantastic bars and restaurants to visit. My favorite restaurant on N. Highland Ave is Atkins Park. There are also numerous street parties throughout the year. Virginia Highland is a great, tight-knit neighborhood with a great amount of upside.

Summer Festivals

Atlanta is known for it’s Spring / Summer festivals. There is literally no end to the beer, wine and food festivals in Atlanta in the summer time. There is also the Shaky Knees Music Festival and Music Midtown Festival. You are sure to have a great time in Atlanta during the Summer!

Hope that helps.

What is it like to live in Atlanta, GA?

I love it here! But then again, I’ve loved everywhere I’ve lived. If you’re used to southern weather, it’s pretty much what you would expect. Random freezing days in the winter mixed in with random fairly warm days also in the winter. The occasional bout of snow and ice (which, yes, will often cause everything to shut down - much like other Southern cities that can’t justify keeping snow equipment and such on deck). Sweltering hot summer days. A touch of fall and spring. The people are diverse. You’ll find “cliques” like in any city. Down to earth people. “Pretentious” people as I’ve heard people in any city say about others. You’ll hear the entire range of comments on dating - great to horrible experiences.

At the end of the day: Atlanta, like any other city, is exactly what you make it! Your perception and attitude is everything. If you choose to love it, you will. If you choose to hate it, you will. Personally, I love it all! I love Midtown, Little 5 Points, my church downtown, the bars and restaurant scene, the non-profits you can be a part of, the green spaces. Even the festivals and such - even though I’m kind of over doing mass crowds. Plenty of concerts but - if you’re like me and don’t like big crowds so much anymore - there are lots of small, intimate places to hear music like jazz and otherwise. I can tell you some great places to get a nice caipirinha (national drink of Brazil) as where to see a sabering event everyday at 6pm (where they lob off the top of a champagne bottle and pour champagne for everyone in attendance). There’s plenty of wonderful people, places and things to do here! Hope you love it too.

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