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What's it like to live in Anaheim?

What is it like to live in Anaheim, CA?

Depends on what part of Anaheim.

Generally speaking, the West End of Anaheim is not very nice. Anaheim Hills on the east side is the place to live, although it gets very hot in the summer.

The Colony District of Anaheim is charming, but go a mile in any direction and you will find yourself in questionable areas.

In terms of the area around Disneyland… nice place to visit, but I wouldn't live there. Lots of apartments, decaying neighborhoods, strip malls, liquor stores… you get the picture.

Update August, 2019: I was in the downtown area recently, and I have to say the area has greatly improved, with the opening of the Packing House, remodeling of the Central Library, development of modern townhouses and apartments, and new restaurants. It is ironic that the area is reverting back to what downtown Anaheim used to be, before it was demolished to put in strip malls.

What is it like to live in Anaheim, CA?

I lived in Anaheim for 9 years. I would also agree with most of what Mr. Steve answered.


Most of the nicer and quieter neighborhoods are in small pockets around the west side of Anaheim (I'm just referring to Anaheim—not Anaheim Hills). Most people living on the west can watch the Disneyland fireworks from outside their homes every night after 9:30pm. As you head east, you'll find residential roads not well maintained and you'll find a lot more of apartment complexes than you would find on the west side. North of the Packing District there are new flats and townhomes (and still building more), which make the area look even nicer.

City Life

Surprisingly enough, in my opinion there's not really much to do in Anaheim. The downtown is usually very lonely, quiet, and kind of hidden. However, they did add a bar, a small park, and the Anaheim Packing District which help extend downtown and gave it more life.

The platinum triangle area is very up and coming and skews higher density, younger, and attempts to be more like downtown LA. I know they’re trying to get a Trader Joe’s there so that says a lot about what kind of demographics are in the area and what the city wants it to be like. Lots of food and entertainment options. If you’re a young professional probably great. Maybe meh if you have a family and probably not your style if you’re close to retirement.

Pros and cons of living here

Honestly, I feel like Anaheim is undervalued. We have great access to most of Greater Los Angeles. We can easily drive to the beach, south Orange County, LA county, and Inland Empire, Anaheim is centrally located with good access to major freeways. Downtown Anaheim and Platinum Triangle (near Angels stadium) has seen a lot of improvement recently, plenty of entertainment and food. North and west Anaheim tend to be the sketchier parts of the city though, but I wouldn’t say it’s dangerous. East Anaheim and Anaheim hills are more quiet, but much more expensive. The biggest con is the cost of living, but that applies to pretty much all of SoCal.

Pros and Cons of Living in Anaheim 2022

Are you considering moving to and living in Anaheim, California? We're weighing the pros vs cons to help you decide whether Anaheim is the best place for you to live. From Disneyland TO a plethora of places to eat & drink TO the traffic rush hour, there are plenty of factors to consider before buying your home in Anaheim.