Alexandria, Virginia

Old Town-ish

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Old Town

Young Professionals

Old Town is truly the center of Alexandria. If you crave an urban-ish environment with tons of bars, restaurants, theaters, and boutique shopping options you’re going to want to look at Old Town. No need for a car, with beautiful historic housing options for those with money but also some apartment and condo options that make it incredibly convenient for the post-college and pre-family community.

  • Old Town
  • Eisenhower East

Old Town North

DINKs/SINKs & Families

Old Town North is a more chill alternative to Old Town for those who want to live in the city, enjoy the amenities, but avoid the chaos and tourists that haunt Old Town. It has significantly more outdoor spaces, boating opportunities in the Potomac and you’re just outside Old Town should you crave the scene.

  • Old Town North

North Ridge-Rosemont


North Ridge-Rosemont is a beautiful historic neighborhood with smaller bungalows and much larger Colonial Revival homes for younger and more established families. It is highly walkable to the Pizza, Tavern and cafe spots in the neighborhood. It is also home to some of the best elementary and high schools in the city. Potomac West is another good option. Safe, affordable and filled with community-centric neighbors, there are year-round beautification and clean-up events as well as several community gardens popular with parents and kids alike.

  • North Ridge-Rosemont
  • Potomac West
  • Southwest Quadrant