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What's it like to live in Alameda?

Living in Alameda?

I'm single in my mid forties and I live in Alameda. I'm from the east coast originally so maybe earthquake safety is less top of mind but I'm certainly not terribly concerned about it. It's "less cool" here than most other bay area locations but I have yet to really understand why. I will say that people here do follow the rule of islanders everywhere despite it barely being an island; there is less of a hurry and a lot of residents do not leave the island very often (myself included). It used to be a big negative that a lot of Oakland and east bay restaurants didn't deliver here but that's changed a lot since the pandemic.

Unless you like really hopping nightlife it's got all the things you're listing. There are bars. I don't drink so I can't say whether they'e any good or not. In terms of neighborhoods - living closer to Park St. is probably more conducive to feeling as though businesses are in walking distance. Somewhere between Park and South Shore would probably be the sweet spot if you want a beach nearby.

Living in Alameda?

Ive been living in alameda for 20 years. Its chilax and you have plenty of good bars and restaurants. We have the beach and inlet between alameda and oakland. You can do plenty of water sports. We have paths all over the island and bay farm. Its a really nice place to live. Its been getting more crowded over the years but where hasent. We dont get more earthquakes than oakland. Lol

Why do you live in Alameda?

Pros: Island life is a vibe. Everything is within a forty-minute walk (and it's 20 mins by car). Getting a serious cuisine scene.

Cons: Could easily trade the traffic and car noise for dedicated walk/bike lanes along all of Broadway, Park, San Jose, Lincoln, Webster, 8th etc. Wishing we have a larger visual arts community but that will come with time and more neighbors.

Why do you live in Alameda?

Lived in LA but my boyfriend lived in Alameda. Lost my job cause of the pandemic and he got a job right before that was needed by the pandemic, so guess who was moving.

It’s nice here. It’s kinda like a small town/isolated but also not so hard to come and go if I do need something from a big city. The rent on our place has apparently stayed the same for 8 years, so since we can’t afford to own until we win the lottery at least two times I’m staying here.

Living in Alameda CA!