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Young Professionals

Bennington is considered the best neighborhood in the city for young professionals. It has a denser, more urban vibe than the rest of the area and for many it offers a walk to work. The Columbia Tech Park is at the center of the neighborhood so plenty of techsters enjoy the close proximity to work in addition to bars, restaurants and cafes. Downtown in general is a great option as you get a combination of a center for commercial experiences: bars, restaurants etc., plus for some you can then walk to work. You also get waterfront experiences and views which are nice from the many condo/apartment options in the area.

  • Bennington
  • Downtown



Vancouver has several neighborhoods that have concentrations of LGBTQ+ residents. Bennington is certainly one of those for anyone who craves living near work. Arnada is another cool neighborhood, with a great variety of older eclectic homes. It’s also filled with artist and boutique shops and cafes. Salmon Creek is also popular. It sits between downtown Vancouver and Portland. It’s also near the Washington State U campus and has stunning outdoor options including 400 acres of green space in a massive park.

  • Bennington
  • Arnada
  • Salmon Creek

Salmon Creek


In most cities DINKs and SINKs move out of downtown to quieter but still lively neighborhoods so they get a mix of great, somewhat quieter living but also some chiller social spaces. Since Vancouver is pretty chill everywhere there’s a less dramatic shift here. Most of the neighborhoods that appeal to young professionals and LGBTQ+ area also relevant to the single and coupled peeps who are looking for something a bit more sophisticated. Bennington and Salmon Creek are particularly relevant if you’re creating a shortlist for a search.

  • Bennington
  • Salmon Creek
  • The Village at Fisher’s Landing

Fisher's Landing East


Vancouver has stunning neighborhoods for families. The most popular, particularly among young families is Fisher’s Landing East. There are plenty of housing options, including homes, townhomes and apartments/condos to suit any family size or socio-economic situation. Some of the bigger employers are nearby also so the commutes are short. There’s also a local social scene including bars, restaurants and cafes so you don’t have to give up going out in your neighborhood entirely just because you have the kiddos milling about. Fisher’s Creek is another great option with the particular benefit of having amazing outdoor spaces for the kids to run around and enjoy. Biking, hiking and just general recreating happens throughout the neighborhood but even better it also has a commercial area for getting a beer or meal when the mood strikes you.

  • Fisher’s Landing East
  • Fisher’s Creek
  • Cascade Highlands
  • The Village at Fisher’s Landing
  • South Cliff