Union City, California

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What's it like to live in Union City?

Is there a reason we shouldn’t buy in Union City?

This all depends upon where you in Union City you choose to live.

Union City is a transitional city going from blue collared to white collared city and over the past 20+ years has been really transformed. You're getting working class people especially people in the public sector (i.e. teachers, nurses, admins, etc) moving into UC because it's still affordable and they don't need to commute long hours to get to work.

You're also getting white collared people moving into the West side of UC near Dumbarton Bridge and housing on that side of UC typically goes quick and way over asking. Homes on the West Side of Union City near Dumbarton can easily sell for well over $1.25 million and prices are steadily climbing.

There's still pockets of section 8 housing and rough neighborhoods, but it's not nearly as bad as it was during 80s and 90s. The part of UC you want to avoid is the Mission and Decoto in the "old part" of Union City. Today, that's where a vast majority of problems out of UC comes from.

The schools in UC in general are solid. Not as good as Fremont or Castro Valley, but better than Newark, Hayward, and San Leandro.

Most neighbors are your typical suburbs in terms of being walkable. If you're looking in terms of "walkable" as in urban walkable, UC is not it. There is a BART station but there is no CalTrain. CalTrain only runs from SF through the Pennisula and San Jose down into Gilroy. You will not find Caltrain anywhere on the East Bay.

Personally, I would like towards the West Side of 880 either near Union Landing or near the intersection of Dyer & Alvarado.

There's several parks and schools and shopping all within biking and or walking distance.

Now the MAJOR problem for you is that the High School is on the other side of the freeway, so they will need to take a bus. The other issue is there's pockets of section 8 housing in this area as well, so if you find a condo, it's going to be a transitional mix neighborhood. If you go the house route, you're less likely to run into that problem.

What is it like to live in Union City, CA?

Originally Answered: What is it like to live inUnion City, CA?
I am living in Union city since little over 2.5 years. Its been great so far. Quite neighborhood with easy access to almost all major stores.

If you work in SF / Oakland / Emeryville / Berkley this can be an ideal place (considering you do not want to pay high rent in the above area). BART makes the commute easier.

Does not have much of a night life. I would recommend to got to south bay if you are interested in trying out new cuisines, coffee places etc.

Alameda creek trail is great for a running / biking / walk.

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