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What's it like to live in Temecula?

Living in Temecula?

I commute to Irvine 1x / week. Leave at around 6am, get there around 7:15am, pretty easy drive.

Coming home, I try to leave around 3:30pm and get home around 5:00pm - 5:15pm. Any later and it turns into a 2 - 2 1/2 hour drive.

Temecula is really located in the best area North of San Diego, East of Orange County, and driving distance to LA if you ever wanted to go there.
There's a lot of outdoor opportunities, and especially outdoor opportunities within 30-45 minutes.

Schools are some of the best. The only better ones in the area are private.

Every time I go to Irvine, I'm glad I live in Temecula. We moved from that area. The people are just different. I really feel like people are tired, stressed, and exhausted and it shows in how you are treated. Temecula still has a lot of small town feel, but with nearly all the amenities you would want.

I'm a real estate agent in the area, so let me know if you have any questions on the housing market, it's been a bit interesting as we get a lot of people moving from San Diego etc.

Living in Temecula?

Me and my wife 30 years old moved from Huntington Beach, same county as city of Irvine and million dollar homes in both cities, we were able to buy a house for half the price here last year and much bigger than what u get in Irvine/Huntington Beach (Orange County). Everyone is super nice and welcome. Very close to all the winery and hills everywhere! A lot to do out here from indoors to outdoors!!!

Not a big issue for us but summer get real hot like high 90’s to 110 for maybe 2 months. But houses comes with AC and lots of tree in the neighborhood which keeps the house cool for most of the daytime.

Community is well organized and built. No mixing apartments with houses. All separately. Many trails and each community have several parks within them.

We drive back to Irvine, Tustin, and brea (all Orange County) city’s under 1hr15min.

Maybe only Con: lots of traffic during rush hour but that’s everywhere in Cali.

Thinking of moving to Temecula—thoughts?

We moved here from SD in 2021, and are moderate-progressive. I have found some amazingly normal people in my neighborhood in because a lot of them are commuters like us and came from LA, SD, and even Canada. More and more, people are moving here from liberal spots. Join us!

The community is very lovely, and the schools have great ratings. Our kiddo isn’t school age yet, but he’ll be starting a Montessori program in our neighborhood in august. And the elementary school is also in our neighborhood. We have a baby sitter who lives around the block from us, and a lot of young families around. We have neighbors that do lawn chairs in the driveway to hang with us. And the holidays are full of excessive decorations - very fun hah!

If you find a neighborhood that has what you want, you will be able to find some like minded people.

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