Tallahassee, Florida

Stop Calling It Talla-nasty!

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Chapel Ridge

College Students

Being a college town, there are a ton of areas that boast an active nightlife alongside other amenities like grocery stores, parks, and more. Check out these neighborhoods if you’re looking for decent walkability and a ton of nightlife!

  • Chapel Ridge
  • Campus Circle
  • College Town


Young Professionals

For young professionals moving to Tallahassee, think about living closer to work. The city isn’t that walkable, and you’ll want to avoid a long commute to have more time at home or out for happy hour.

  • Midtown
  • Levy Park
  • All Saints

Liberty Park

Young Families

Tallahassee is a great place for young families who need a lot of activities and a lot of places to get outside. For active people looking to start a family, you’re going to love living close to parks and being within a quick drive to grocery stores and other necessities.

  • Liberty Park
  • Woodland Drives
  • Lafayette Park
  • Los Robles


Established Families

There’s nothing better than a college town for an older family. You can tailgate during football season and host outdoor BBQs in your yard big enough for the whole neighborhood. Tallahassee is also close enough to South Georgia and other national parks for weekend hikes and camping!

  • Lakeshore
  • Betton Hills
  • Killearn Lakes


Empty Nesters/Retirees

People who have recently said goodbye to the last of their kids to leave for college or work will love Tallahassee for the weather, easy access to the outdoors, and youthful energy. Check out midtown for great condo/apt options and also plenty of bars, restaurants and shopping within easy walking distance.

  • Midtown
  • Levy Park
  • Lafayette Park