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What's it like to live in Shreveport?

What advice would you give to someone who is moving to Shreveport, LA?

Well, first, welcome to Shreveport! My first bit of advise would be to brace yourself for the heat and humidity in the summer. Early mornings are the best time to run errands or get out in the summertime, unless you're doing something aquatic. In the winter, it's usually pretty mild, but sometimes we get some temps hovering around 30 degrees.

The Red River runs between Shreveport and Bossier City. There are Casinos on both sides and the Boardwalk on the Bossier side has good food, a theater, live music, and shopping. Oh, and the holy grail for sportsmen, Bass Pro Shop.

There are several theaters that feature live performances. The Strand is historic and gorgeous, please attend something there and get a look at the rotunda. These are mostly national shows that are on tour. Shreveport Little Theater and Riverview Theater both offer local talent a chance to show off their stage skills. I've seen some great performances there. We also have The Robinson Film Center that offers independent films, hosts an annual film festival, and offers summer film camp for kids. You'll find live music all over town and big names often perform at the local arena, CenturyTel Center. And, sometimes, you might see a celebrity who's here shooting a movie, wandering through the casino or eating at a local restaurant.

We have a number of colleges and universities here as well that we’re quite proud of offering a home base. Centenary has been here for decades, and LSUS offers bachelor, masters, and doctorate level studies. We also have Bossier Parish Community College that offers associates degrees in a wide range of coursework including graphics, film/communications (they also have live theater with performances by the students), culinary arts, and photography. Southern University and Northwestern also have schools here.

There is a new aquarium opening up right on the river and Sci-Port is right across the street, so that makes for a great family outing. Riverview Park is right next door and SPAR (Shreveport Parks and Rec) often holds outdoor events for the family like movies on a huge outdoor screen with the Red River for a backdrop. And, for family fun, take the Riverboat tour, visit RW Norton Art Gallery, or if you're so inclined, Gators and Friends and Chimp Haven are both nearby.

For adults, Shreveport has three brewery's and some great places to eat like Superior Steakhouse, Wine Country Bisro, Bistro Byrons, Monjunis, and so many others that you'll love. There are also a wealth of museums that can help you understand the history of Shreveport and its humble beginnings.

Instead of tearing down historic downtown buildings, the City of Shreveport is working with developers to renovate downtown. Already, new life is being breathed into Texas Street and it's a very positive vibe!

It's a rich culture with a nice ethnic mix. It's a very open minded, artistic community at its core and growing more so everyday. Do we have crime here? Well, yeah. We are located somewhere on planet earth and there is crime almost everywhere. Just take precautions and you'll be fine.

Bottom line, get out and get involved. Join a Meetup group, go to church, introduce yourself to the neighbors and make some friends. People here are generally friendly and you can expect crowds at most events here so smile and be friendly back and you'll have a group of friends in no time. The rest is just Lagniappe!

What advice would you give to someone who is moving to Shreveport, LA?

Shreveport is my hometown! Some advice:

Be open to new experiences! Shreveport is growing so it’s a good time to join interesting communities and do new things.

Don’t be afraid to be different. Shreveport, like a lot of other Southern cities, needs diversity.

Smooch with your special someone at the Duck Pond on East Kings Hwy. (This is late night activity only.)

Eat a yummy Humphrey at Counter Culture near Centenary College.

Try everything! Boudain, chicken fried steak, fried okra, sweet tea, etc.

Start your own local group with others interested in what you like to do, learn, share, etc. (You can start the group online and have IRL meetups.

Take a boat ride on Caddo Lake.

Have a good time!

What are the best aspects of living in Shreveport, LA as a young adult?

I think the best part about living in Shreveport for me is the sheer amount of stuff to do. I moved here from a small town about an hour and a half away and there wasn’t a lot to do there.

My favorite aspects about Shreveport is the artistic community. I am just getting involved, but I am loving it so far. There are festivals, museums, and all sorts of things!

What are the best aspects of living in Shreveport, LA as a young adult?

Having just moved here in August, part of the pull is the ability to explore a new area everyday. Even traveling the same roads to work you still manage to see something new. The weekends are full with places to go, music to go see and new food to try. If you like antiquing or just exploring Shreveport has it all.

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