Savannah, Georgia

The Garden Of Good And Evil

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Historic District

Young Professionals

Savannah can be tricky for young professionals as the more obvious downtown areas that would be populated by renters in other cities are instead filled with the original beautiful homes from nearly 200 years ago. That means you're going to be in third-floor walkups in older converted buildings or carriage house apartments. There are new apartment/condos that have gone up in more recent years on the edges of downtown so keep your eye out.

  • Downtown

Victorian District


The Victorian District is a neighborhood on the rise that draws singles and young couples (along with smaller families and retirees) attracted to the older homes and interested in preservation/renovation of those not yet fixed up. It’s a beautiful part of downtown that is unique from the more touristy areas and so is less frenetic when the youngsters are ready to get a bit more quiet but not yet bail to the suburbs.

  • Victorian District
  • Starland/Thomas Square Streetcar District

Parkside District


Savannah has plenty of stunning neighborhoods for families, and more downtown than most cities of even bigger sizes. The Historic District is certainly one of these although the homes are harder to come by. There are areas of the Historic District that have smaller, still beautiful, but more affordable homes including, Parkside District and Starland District. Parkside is more affordable than the center of the Historic District and it is near Daffin Park, which has a swimming pool, basketball courts and playgrounds so kiddos of all ages can recreate.

West Chatham is another great option that is a more traditional neighborhood. It has one of the best golf courses in the entire state and there are luxurious and more reasonably priced homes in the area to serve those looking to live fabulously and those on a more modest budget.

  • Parkside District
  • Starland District
  • West Chatham
  • Dutch Island
  • Ardsley Park