Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Young Professionals/DINKs/SINKs

Downtown (or as near to downtown as you can get) is where you should start your search in Santa Fe if you’re a new young professional or couple looking to be in the midst of some action. This is where the bars, restaurants and culture is in Santa Fe. If you want to walk out at night to enjoy your social life this is where you’ll want to live.

Also check out Casa Solano if you want just a bit of distance from the heart of downtown. You can still walk to the center of downtown but it also has a great dog park, and tons of great open space and trails for hiking. You get a strong feeling of having one foot in town and one foot out which for many is just the right mix.

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Historic Eastside


The Northeast/Historic Eastside of Santa Fe is much beloved by families. You’re not far from downtown but you also get quieter streets and more bucolic settings. The homes are often classic adobes mixed with newer celebrated modern architecture. The area has two newer premier housing developments: the Summit and Sierra del Norte, and the beautiful Hyde Park Estates, which has wonderful older homes and incredible views.

More interesting is how much you’re surrounded in Northeast by the history of Santa Fe. This includes the Palace of the Governors, which is the longest continuously occupied public building in the United States (built in 1610 as a fort).

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