Santa Ana, California


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Downtown Historic District

Young Professionals

The Downtown Santa Ana Historic District pulls in young people for culture and socializing and now it’s increasingly pulling them in for living. Growth in apartment, loft and condo options make it the first place to check out if considering moving here. It’s a center for restaurants, bars, coffee shops and a growing Artist’s Village scene that’s all easily walkable. It also has Birch Park for those craving a bit of greenery amidst the commercial district.

  • Downtown Historic District

French Park


The French Park and French Court neighborhoods are good options for singles and couples looking for commercial districts with plenty of restaurants, bars and shopping but are ready for moving on from a strictly “Downtown” experience. These are historic neighborhoods with beautiful housing options and good walkscores but not the density of downtown.

  • French Park
  • French Court

The Artist's Village


Santa Ana doesn’t have a particularly dense LGBTQ+ neighborhood but the growth of Downtown and in particular The Artist’s Village is driving growth in the city. Anyone new to Santa Ana looking for a community would do well to start their search here.

  • Downtown
  • The Artist’s Village

Meredith Parkwood


Meredith Parkwood is a good place to start the search for families. It has a commercial district, with shops, restaurants and grocery stores, but it also has schools, parks and open spaces for the kiddos to enjoy. While housing is more expensive here the neighborhood is also extremely safe for families so many make the tradeoff. Floral Park is another great option. The neighborhood has over 600 historic homes and it feels like a neighborhood from an earlier era. The blocks are tree-lined and the homes tree-shaded (critical during hot summers) and the community feels like its own small town rather than just a part of a bigger city.

  • Meredith Parkwood
  • Floral Park
  • West Floral Park