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What's it like to live in San Ramon?

Moving to San Ramon?

Hi everyone! My partner and I are young professionals looking to move to a nice, safe area, however, we would like to continue our social lives once covid is a bit more tame. We are in our early twenties. We immediately thought of San Ramon, since it’s so beautiful and known to be incredibly safe. However, are there any other young professionals who live in this area? If not, are there any other safe and quiet locations that we can reside in?

If you like the idea of dining out at a range of local restaurants, going shopping at target, picnics in a park, riding bikes along trails and walking around pretty neighborhoods- then you’ll like San Ramon.

What San Ramon does not have is a downtown (city center, as nice as it is to eat, does not count), bars, nightlife, or a large shopping mall. However, for all of that you’ve got Walnut Creek, Danville and Pleasanton all nearby to fulfill those needs. So you should definitely like it.

But remember, the area is getting really, really pricey.

Thinking about moving to San Ramon

I’ve lived in SR over 20 years, most of that in the Twin Creeks area. Raised two kids, youngest is now a senior at Cal High. Prior to living in SR I lived in the City. We moved here to afford a house, and to settle down and have kids.

SR is a great place for kids, good schools, good parks, friendly, low crime, etc. It’s quiet, there are not many restaurant choices, and little late-night activities. However, it’s not far from Danville, or Walnut Creek with has more night life if you’re missing that.

Overall it’s a great little suburb. If you’re really lucky you can land a job at one of the businesses in Bishop Ranch and have the worlds best commute; but getting into the City for work isn’t bad either. BART is easy and relatively reliable from Dublin. Commuting to the South Bay however ain’t great unless your company has a private shuttle bus, or you work non standard hours.

It’s the type of place where you can say hi to strangers and start up a conversation with a neighbor while walking the dog.

Edit: also, it’s pretty racially diverse. Lots of people of color from lots of backgrounds. And we didn’t have any blackouts in the recent PG&E issues, but that can be hit or miss block by block…

What’s the word with San Ramon?

Great place to raise a family, great schools, and very safe. Not a lot of “excitement”, but there’s some decent social life just north in Danville and up in Walnut Creek. There’s actually some decent jobs in the general area… Chevron, Workday, SAP, Oracle and many other companies have started putting satellites offices in the tri-valley:

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