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What's it like to live in San Bernardino?

What is it like to live in San Bernardino, CA?

I have lived in SB for about 6 years…My husband, on the other hand, was born in SB and has lived here his entire life. I moved here when I married him. Now, I moved from the High Desert, where I work, and before that I lived in Walnut/Diamond Bar, and also West Covina. I would say that I feel safer in SB than I do in the High Desert anymore. There is more relocated riff raff in The HD that have no sense of community. Yes, in SB there are gangs, and prostitutes, and so on, but not really in the North End, where I live. The folks that live in SB have lived her for a long time, some family’s for generations.

I live on a gorgeous Hill, little mountain, have an amazing adobe home built in 1946, all restored and modernized, with amazing views from every window. It’s a great neighborhood of older unique custom homes, great neighbors that look out for one another, and the weather is pretty awesome all year, except for maybe August through September when it’s so hot. San Bernardino is actually a city that has great bones, and under the right leadership, could be just like Redlands or Highland. It is centrally located smack dab next to major freeways, has really beautiful views of the mountains, has a huge natural ground water supply, and some really nice neighborhoods in the North End. It’s just far enough out of LA to be a quiet suburb, but close enough to all kinds of great shopping and eatery’s, super close to Ontario International Airport, and close to the Mountains, or the beach day trips. It’s sad that the city leaders have allowed this uncut gem to fall into disrepair, and have done nothing to attract better businesses and viable homeowners.

What advice would you give to someone who is moving to San Bernardino, CA?

If you can afford to buy or rent in the base of the mountain(Little Mountain), you will be safer and have nice views, but you will need security cameras surrounding your property and a security service as well. You will also need guard dogs to alert you of intruders. Do not depend on law enforcement to come to your Aide. BUY guns and become proficient at using them.There is a gun range open to the public somewhere in this area.If you are low income, you won't find any cheap rents here but you should still have home security and a scary dog. If you move to this city, you better have friends or family nearby.

Why Is San Bernardino A No-Go Zone?

One of the big things for San Bernardino was that Norton Air Force base (currently San Bernardino International Airport) closed down in 1995. That cut a lot of good paying jobs out of the community and it took them over a decade to get the current airport up and running. That started an economic downturn which leads to poverty which leads to crime.

I had family that lived in San Bernardino when I was growing up so I always spent a lot of time there. I know a fair amount of people who moved there because rent is cheaper than surrounding communities but within commuting distance. Shit, I even dated a girl who lived in SB for over a year.

With all the time I have spent in the city, I don't have any sketchy stories. Some places that I would caution going to are: the Waterman Discount Mall, Baseline between the 215 and the 210, and Muscoy (people actually ride horses there instead of drive cars). The farther you get away from the city center, the better it gets. The city doesn't really have a lot of places that are good for just hanging out.

But there are some good things to do in San Bernardino that I recommend:

The original McDonald's Museum

See a 66ers baseball game (cheap tickets)

See a play at the California theater

Alfredo's Pizza and Pasta on Baseline

Concerts, Music Festivals, Raves and events at the Orange Show and Glen Helen Regional Park.

Route 66 rendevous

Why Is San Bernardino A No-Go Zone?

Lived there for some years Not bad not good. At a time I do believe it was known as the most dangersest city to live in CA but I don't think that's the case now.

I think it really depends on where you have lived or come from. If you're from a wealthy or cool city like San Francisco or LA then SB might just be the area of that city that isn't the most pristine. That being said SB was once the place where fast food places would open the most and I definitely got that impression when I lived there. People would usually say something like "have you been to freds" or some other place. You can also visit the first MCDonald's there. It's a small museum now.

The city is very fond of 70's/80's. A lot of the time you can see people put on classic car shows and almost every year there is a big event called Route 66 where older people show off their classic cars.

All that being said if you want to visit it's not on par to LA or SF. I don't think either Riverside or SB are good places to visit for fun things but if you do go then atleast there's the San Manuel Casino and Big Bear Lake close by.

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