San Bernardino, California

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The Area

San Bernardino is part of San Bernardino County on the western side of the Inland Empire region. This is a massive stretch of land that is larger than ten states and stretches from just east of Los Angeles to the borders of Nevada and Arizona. It was originally, much like its Central Valley neighbor to the north, dedicated to agriculture and filled with produce and dairy farms. Over the years however, agriculture declined in the face of rising populations and development, primarily driven by affordable housing opportunities east of the coast. The Inland Empire is located an hour+ east of Los Angeles, approximately an hour and a half north of San Diego, and around 3 ½ hours to Las Vegas. Many who choose to live here do so to take advantage of the short distances to the beaches, mountains, dessert, and gambling!

Kendall Hills

Students/Young Professionals

The neighborhoods around Cal State are your best bet if you’re in school or a young professional. Lots of rental options for apartments. Plenty of bars and restaurants for going out and you’re close to the mountains for outdoor adventures.

  • Kendall Hills
  • Hudson


Young Families

Young families gravitate to the great homes and schools on the northern side of the city or if the pricing is a bit high for them they’ll stay along the east side near the University. There is a concentration of young Hispanic and Black families on the west side of the city as well and housing gets cheaper south and west in the city. Depending on your price point the best Elementary schools are north and east and that may be where to start to see what is affordable.

  • Northpark
  • Arrowhead Farms
  • Cajon
  • Cimmeron
  • Muscoy


Established Families

The north side dominates target neighborhoods for families looking for bigger homes & yards, more parks, proximity to golf and recreation, and the best schools in the city. As was mentioned, you’re also next to Wildwood Park, at the foothills of the mountains and have beautiful views from everywhere. These are the neighborhoods where you start.

  • Verdemont
  • Belvedere
  • Nena