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What's it like to live in San Antonio?

What is it like to live in San Antonio?

I just moved to San Antonio from Iowa City, IA in July so I feel fairly confident in answering this question.

Like moving to any new city, moving to San Antonio has had its pros and its cons.


Cost of living

As a recent college grad living on an AmeriCorps stipend ($492 biweekly) this is a city I can afford to live in and still have a pretty good time. My rent is very affordable, gas is pretty cheap (as long as there isn’t a scare), and you can find great food and things to do for cheap and free.


I moved down from Iowa; it is pretty freakin’ cold there for six months out of the year. San Antonio does not have that problem. It’s the beginning of November and I’ve seen the underside of 70 degrees Fahrenheit only a handful of times.


There are so many fun things to do in this city it is almost overwhelming. I have a constantly growing list of museums, parks, happy hours, and outdoor adventures I want to check out. It seems like every time I try something new, two new “must-dos” get added to my list.


One word, tacos. They are cheap, they are tasty, and they are everywhere.



Yes I said that the weather was a pro, but that only became a thing recently. Until about mid October, it was really hot here. Like hot enough that even the breeze just felt like someone had pointed a hair dryer at you. It’s not a good time.


Everything about driving in San Antonio is a real pain. The highway system is a mess, the city is really sprawled, and don’t even get me started on the other drivers. It’s so bad that I literally have to leave my house 30 minutes early every time it rains. They also cannot merge to save their lives, and are prone to freaking out about gas shortages from something as small as a Facebook post.

Cons aside though, I’ve really enjoyed living in San Antonio and look forward to experiencing more of the city.

What are the pros and cons of moving to San Antonio, TX? I am thinking about moving with my family from Los Angeles, CA and work in healthcare.

Cost of living is low.

People are nice (Really, I walk a lot, and at least once a year someone stops and asks me if I need a ride. This never happened in 50 years of living in Washington state). Teenage boys, walk up to me on a tennis court offer to shake my hand and introduce themselves.

Winters are lovely. I play tennis, so I play outdoors all Winter long.

Great thunderstorms. This could be good or bad. Personally I like storms so I’ll say it is a plus.

No Earthquake danger.

There are lots of healthcare jobs. Seriously, I can’t seem to walk a block without coming to a hospital or medical facility. So I’d imagine you would have a plethora of positions to choose from.

Summers are hot. And Spring and fall. And sometimes Winter.

Texans are not good at driving in Rush hour traffic.

San Antonio has more crime than LA (or so I’ve read, I have not experienced any).

Takes you 3 hours to drive to the Ocean.

No mountains or snow.

What are the pros and cons of moving to San Antonio, TX? I am thinking about moving with my family from Los Angeles, CA and work in healthcare.

I moved to San Antonio 5 1/2 years ago. I Loved it the first couple of years. I still love the diversity, the riverwalk, El Mercado and market square, but The heat from the end of may till mid october is pretty unbearable. The ac can barely keep up. Also, people are moving here by the thousands each year, and by 2040, the estimated population is said to increase by an additional 1 million people! Traffic has gotten worse by the year, and we are running out of room to expand the highways. Also, rent in San Antonio is the highest of any city in Texas, it even made the news, and noone can explain why. I was paying literally half of my monthly income for a so-so apartment and utilities. So, if you plan on moving here, buy a home if you can, don’t rent. Good luc.

Pros and cons of living in San Antonio?

If it were my choice it'd be San Antonio or nothing. I moved here at age 13 with my family and have been here since. Now I have a family of my own and this city has become home.


-Friendly as hell people
-Amazing food
-Touristy but not in a bad way
-Close to other nearby cities so day trips are easy
-Great schools from pre-k to university
-Affordable without feeling cheap
-Everything you'll need is always close by, including the world's greatest grocery store HEB
-Each side of town has its own quirks and charms


-Growing homeless population
-Still affordable but prices are rising
-Very car dependent unless you're extremely lucky