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What's it like to live in Roseville?

Looking for a review of life in Roseville

Lived there for many years. It's a good family spot. Easily bikeable and near folsom lake and auburn. Lots of shopping but mostly chains and big brands. Have to go to sac for mom and pop stuff. Schools are good. I've worked for rjuhsd and had had some amazing teachers. Roseville has some pretty top rated high-schools but some aren't as good.

Roseville has a wide range of neighborhoods from extremely nice to pretty rough and everything in between.

Basically it's just a massive suburb. Not a lot of character but nice place to live and near a lot of cool stuff

Edit: wildfires aren't a major concern in Roseville itself but it gets very smoky every year. Low chance your house will burn down though

Looking for a review of life in Roseville

I think it depends on what your price point is because Roseville is all over the map as far as economic level. You got old Roseville over by maidu Park and that's generally a much quieter and older neighborhood from the 50s and 60s… But unfortunately those older houses in the neighborhood leaving my new Park area has been subject of flooding for a very long time. They have rebuilt the levees they are multiple times over the years and they do pretty good now, but there's still a lot of flood zones to look out for in the older neighborhoods.

Moving east, you get into some of the retail districts and office parks throughout Douglas Blvd until you get to Taylor road. That's going to border Rocklin but you can go either horizontal direction to get through newer Roseville built within the 2000s to 2010s… You've got to really really lower income Roseville over by denio's on the railroad tracks and you've also got West Roseville which is bordering antelope and all new developments.

Kind of a large pool to choose from.

I consider myself median income and live in Roseville. I have 1960s house in a non flood zone. My wife grew up 13 houses down the street and around the corner a little bit, and has a decent elementary School and park in the neighborhood. It's the kind of neighborhood I leave my car door is unlocked on the street or can leave my mower in front of my garage door with nobody swiping it. Landscape in the neighborhood is decently maintained, and it's a lot of either older probably original owners, or first time home buyers / new family owners.

I personally recommend Roseville for or siding in as well as being close enough to outdoor activities both recreational close by the house as well as ones that require a small drive

Moving to Roseville

My family made the move last year from the Bay Area.

Because Roseville covers electricity, garbage, and water (gas is a separate bill to PG&E), the city utilities for my place are just about $200 and the gas is running me about $250 in the winter following PG&E’s price hike here in the new year. Mine is a one-story, though.

I usually seek the contractor based on the job. What kind of work are you looking to get done? My realtor has been an awesome and reliable resource for affordable contractors.

Auburn is 15 minutes away. Folsom lake is also super close. There is plenty outdoors to do up here. Within the city, the ravine trails are paved miles of trail, and the numerous open spaces have trails carved or paved through them. For the kids, there are seemingly hundreds of parks and playgrounds.

My idea of a nightlife is the tabletop gaming group I go to weekly at the Mountain Mike’s on Pleasant Grove, so I might not be the best to speak to what the night life is like here. Lol

Roseville is a suburban community with lots of churches and golf courses and all of the chain stores and restaurants you could hope for.

Hospitals (Sutter and Kaiser) seem to be the primary local employers of note. Most of the people our family meets at parks work for one of them.

Personally, living here feels like living in the fancy neighborhoods of Willow Glen. Beautiful and comfortable, quiet and welcoming.

Pandemic response is a mixed bag. Most businesses have signs stating mandated masks. Inside, no one actively enforces the mandates. Some people practice masks and social distancing. Some don’t. Either way, I have not encountered any conflict or outbursts as a result.

Politically, I would describe it as purple. It is in Placer county, which is a conservative county, and there are quite a few vocal folk here, advertising their political identity regularly on their lawns, trucks, clothing, and parade caravans/protests. A growing percentage of the population is more moderate or left leaning. Most people here are friendly and won’t openly harass you individually for making choices they wouldn’t. The vibe is very respectful of your personal freedom.

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