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What's it like to live in Reno?

Moving to Reno!

I recently moved back to Reno after being in the military for six years. A lot has changed with housing, transportation and quality of life. It seems busier than I remember. I live in West Reno, where it's quiet but not too far away from UNR or even TMCC. The things that make me stay are the outdoor activities. The area has a seemingly unending amount of things to do like hiking, kayaking, fishing, swimming, floating, hunting, boating, skiing/boarding in the winter and early spring. As a college student, finding a place to live was kinda tough but I ended up finding a place on Craigslist to rent. Keep in mind that a 1 bedroom apartment in Reno will cost upwards of $1200 a month. You can find a nice renting sitaution for around $800 a month (if you want to save a little money, that is). It's a cool place to live. Good luck with your move and Welcome!

Moving to Reno!

If I would move to a new city alone or not I would look for neighbors. I assume you will rent an apartment, so checking on neighbors will be hard. Traffic is not that bad in this city, although getting worse, that's why first criteria will be how far will it be from the job location. 2nd is price. People from big cities know that Reno traffic is not bad at all comparable to big cities, but Reno was always comfortable with their traffic, so let's not make it worth - find a place close to work.

What is it like to live in Reno, NV?

I’ve lived in Reno since 1974. It’s a large town, as it has really grown in the 47 years I have lived here, but it still has a small town atmosphere. Reno is very community oriented. You don’t have to do a lot of driving to get to any destination. Also, Nevada does not have a State income tax. I like the climate and there are many casinos for entertainment and great food. It also offers many activities for the outdoor types. Reno is an hour away from beautiful Lake Tahoe. There is a lot to like about Reno.

What is it like to live in Reno, NV?

There’s less traffic compared to big cities, especially at night, however most highway patrol officers with an average of 12 years under thier belt are on top of speed villagers and accidents and construction on streets. Streets under construction especially on the hwy tends to last a long time therefore construction zone on the hwys are often annoying for about half the year between March and sept. Winter temperatures last from about oct to march…that may come with heavy snow but mostly and average feeling of 35° during the day. Not many choices for schools.

Reno is composed of gas stations, casinos, banks, fast food restaurants grocery stores, medical and dental offices/hospitals/elderly homes,law offices, and car dealerships. About half its adult population is female and half male. About half of adults over 21 have been or are married, but many people between the ages of 22-44 who stay for more than 3yrs years appear to have a broken family due to divorce, infidelity, or death. The summers are hot and dry avearge feel of 72°F and nicely cool at night feel of 55°F. Not a great place for high end clothing /shopping choices. Good place to find a job in health field.

Nightlife can be fun if you like edm music. Many world known djs come an average of two popular djs per month. Good to live in yet still not too far of a drive to San Fransisco, Lake Tahoe, or Las Vegas for vacations. Not too high of a murder rate. Most people are alcoholics. The city tries hard to cater to the money holding elderly. No family theme parks, no horrible guetto neighborhoods although a couple apartment complexes or streets are historically locations where drug use and gang activity occurs, most residents of the city can tell you where.

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