Redwood City, California

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Downtown is the city's core. It is the center of nightlife in the area and as the Caltrain stop for the area it also is a convenient place for commuters to meet after work. Most importantly for those considering a move here, it has the best mix of apartments, condos and some smaller single family homes for those who want a walk to a night out, to your train-ride to work, and an overall feeling you haven’t given up on an active social life. Check out buildings like 201 Marshall if you want to live a short walk to the train and the local restaurant/bar scene.

Redwood Shores


Redwood Shores is an upscale neighborhood, located along the eastern edge of Redwood City and right on the San Francisco Bay. It is known for its beautiful waterfront properties, including large single-family homes and fancier, amenity-filled apartment complexes. The area is more expensive than the rest of the city you there’s plenty of upper-middle-class and affluent locals crave proximity to the bay and a very quiet vibe.

North Fair Oaks


North Fair Oaks is an unincorporated neighborhood just north of downtown and one of the more diverse and culturally rich areas around. NFO and the nearby area of Redwood City are often referred to by locals as Little Mexico because of the dominance of culture and community from a particular state in Mexico and the large Latino population in general. There are plenty of housing options in the area with lots of single family homes and relatively inexpensive apartment complex options. The area also has plenty of restaurants, including great Mexican, Vietnamese and Salvadoran options.

Woodside Plaza


Woodside Plaza is a family-oriented neighborhood, located towards the northwest of Redwood City. It features primarily single-family homes and townhouses, making it an attractive choice for families looking for a suburban lifestyle. The neighborhood has several parks, schools, and community amenities, creating a family-friendly environment. There are some small commercial areas with shops and services serving the local residents.