Rancho Cucamonga, California

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Rancho Cucamonga is primarily a bedroom community but there are definitely apartment and condo options in the downtown area and near commercial areas. If you need/want to live in the city for work or access to the mountains to the east then targeting downtown is your best option. Restaurants and bars and coffee shops exist throughout the city but certainly the densest concentration is downtown. Perhaps most importantly to many, the train station in Ranch Cucamonga is just a 40 minute ride to Downtown LA so whether for work or social you can avoid traffic and take the train.

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Alta Loma


Heritage Park, on the northern side of the city, is an amazing neighborhood to start your search. First, it’s beautiful, with walking trails, horseback riding and a mix of modest (although still pricey) homes to monsters that come in well over a million. Like much of Rancho it has excellent schools. Etiwanda is another great option, particularly well known for its school district, the area is also cool for its wonderful winery, and great newer neighborhoods. Terra Vista is another great neighborhood with the best park in the city, Central Park. It acts as a neighborhood center, with ponds, rolling hills and plenty of space for the kiddos to play. If you favor golf then check out the Red Hill neighborhood. Homes line the golf club, or you can also target the ones that run alongside Red Hill Park, another perfect park. It has a duck pond, baseball fields, play structures and everything the little beans could want.

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