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What's it like to live in Rancho Cordova?

How is Rancho Cordova?

I’ve lived ALL over Sac from Natomas to Oak Park to Auburn, Folsom, and Rosemont. I live in Rancho now and LOVE it. I have two kids and the schools are better in Folsom Cordova with that Folsom money. I live in Cordova Meadows and while I agree Folsom Blvd. is fucking dicey past sunset, I truly love the area in the daytime. If you need an apartment, choose the Mather side of 50. Rancho is like the last good neighborhood I can afford to live in and work downtown where my career is based (with two jobs and five degrees between my husband and me-Sac housing sucks).

Living in Rancho Cordova

South of 50 near KP? that sounds like north of 50? Just clarifying because north and south are pretty different. I live north of 50 and I love it. Perfect intersection of affordability, river/outdoors access, and proximity to Sacramento and regional transit options. Plus, check out a flood map of sac metro area… Rancho is sitting pretty. Lots of breweries with food trucks to hang out at for fun, in addition to the river. Hagan and river bend parks are awesome. And I can bike to old town fair oaks via the ARP in under 30 minutes and barely have to interact with a car.

If you mean near White Rock/Olson, it can be a little patchier over there but I have a few friends on that side and they haven't ever had an actual issue besides fireworks.

Big lots in this area. No great upscale food, but the taco truck mcgregor and Coloma is excellent. Pho fresh is bomb. Urban grill & salad is weird fast casual strip mall vibe but excellent food. Lots of great ethnic markets in town. Fresh produce and hippie/crunchy stuff to do at soil born farms on the weekend (gardening classes, etc). Farmer's market at sunrise lightrail station on Saturdays.

What do Sac people think about Folsom and Rancho Cordova?

I don't live in Sacramento anymore but did for 16 years, and have worked in Rancho for 23 years.

I always loved going to Folsom for the outdoors and the shopping. After about 12 years in Sacramento we decided to move and tried Folsom but couldn't afford it at the time. When we finally could afford it, it was just too damn crowded and we decided to move to a rural area outside of Placerville for the peace and quiet. We still go down to Folsom fairly regularly though - my wife works down there, my kid goes to camp down there. Actually my wife and kid are shopping down there now. Folsom is awesome and it's full of nice people. Just .. a lot of people.

Rancho was scary when I started working there in 1999. Since then, particularly after they became an incorporated city, it has become pretty nice. I'd have no issues living there now, and there are a bunch of kick ass restaurants there. I love when I get a work assignment down there so I can get lunch at Sharzad, or Priya, or Sala Thai. GET IN MY BELLY. The Mimosa House there is better than the EDH one too.

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