Provincetown, Rhode Island


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What's it like to live in Provincetown?

Provincetown: An eccentric's sanctuary

Living in Provincetown

There is a substantial difference between the two.

Provincetown: small beach community. Crowded in the summer. Deserted in the winter. Population is fishermen, artists, gays. A lot of the town closes down in the winter. In Provincetown, you are on the very tip of the cape. Provincetown is also a very expensive place to buy property.

Providence, RI is a small New England city with some world class schools - Brown, RISD. It is a much more urban environment. It has some poor neighborhoods. Homes are often old, quirky, colonial. Property is more affordable but be careful of the neighborhood. It has a thriving restaurant and bar scene. It also has a distinct old money/Ivy League feel.

Provincetown general living quality?

I’ve been looking for nice lgbt+ places to live in due to my toxic living situation atm. And from the general looks of it, it seems like the perfect place to live. Small town, LGBT friendly, great summer weather. But what I’m mostly worried about is how is the living situation there? Is the jobs there good? Is housing livable but also affordable? I just want to know as much as I can before making such a big decision. I also appreciate any advice you can give!

Answer 1
housing prices on cape are through the roof especially during the summer. the summer weather is good only if you dont mind high humidity. jobs pay well but the cost to live is so high its not affordable for most people. landscaping and cape cod healthcare employ most people on cape.

Answer 2
It's a wonderful place to live but has become a very expensive place to live. Nearly impossible to find rentals and prices are high. Jobs are plentiful May-October but scarce off-season. Food, gas, most everything is more expensive than mainland as it's an end-of-the-road seasonal economy.

Living on Cape Cod - What they DON'T tell you 🤪