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What's it like to live in Poway?

Would you rather live in Mira Mesa, Poway, Carmel Valley, Downtown, Oceanside, or Chula Vista?

It depends on who is asking and what you're looking for.

If you have a family and won't mind suburbia, Poway and Carmel Valley are for you. If you're primarily looking to raise children while saving some money, Poway it is. It's a little out of the way from most of the main attractions in San Diego and cheaper than Carmel Valley. If you want to be closer to the beach but wont mind paying for it, Carmel Valley is a pretty solid option. I lived in Carmel Valley and for the most part it was just kind of boring. Lots of Karen's tbh.

If you're interested in Asian food and work in the Sorrento Valley area, Mira Mesa is pretty great for that. Lots of young families.

Downtown is if you're on the younger side of things and don't mind the noise, smell of piss, and just general downtown living. I do suggest areas neighboring Downtown like Mission Hills, East Village (although the homeless situation is out of control), and Golden Hill.

Chula Vista is good if you want to save money but wont mind a longer commute. Same with Oceanside. They're both pretty cheap in general comparison to the rest of San Diego.

What's Poway like?

Lived there for ten years. To sum it up: Golf,families, wealth(north poway), great schools, a few good places to eat in the surrounding towns like rancho Bernardo and 4s. Great hiking and overall a really safe feeling. Great place to raise a family but if you're looking to be a part of the San Diego scene I would think somewhere along the coast or near downtown. It's not really that close to the freeway so going anywhere feels like it takes a while but it's not a deal breaker.

Considering moving to Poway - pros and cons Hello, We lived in LA but are considering Poway. Can you give me pros and cons? I know it has a great school district and crime is low. Do you love it? Hate it?

I've been here for 4 and love it. I live near community park so my slice of Poway is very walkable and has a great community. I have a kid under 2 so it's perfect.

City services are wonderful and very responsive to the city app. The parks are always kept clean and in good condition. The city events are small but generally well done imo.

The city has great hiking and running paths.

The only downside is that's there isn't much to do, but San Diego is only 30 min away

it's great if you have kids. If not you might get bored. It's nice that it does feel like a small town with attractions of san diego nearby if you want them. If you're used to hip restaurants and whole foods markets etc you will be disappointed. It's not just like moving out of the city but back in time to the 80's (homes, food and shopping choices, big backyards, etc). I love that i don't really have to get on the highway to do most shopping/activities. In fact I can ride my bike to most shopping.

We have two young kids and the schools are great. My wife and I are two antisocial homebodies who are always busy so we love to get weekends at home to grill, play music and enjoy the yard and pool with the kids. if that sounds good to you'll love it.

Living in Poway, CA Pros and Cons: Best City in SoCal?