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What's it like to live in Phoenix?

Whats it like living in Phoenix?

Have you been eating at Green? That's one of our few vegetarian restaurants - something that Phoenix is severely lacking! With that said, I have been a vegetarian for 10 years and still manage to eat out at local places 3x a week without any issues finding a good meal!

Downtown Phoenix might be the vibe you are looking for. Overall, the "Metro Phoenix Area" is pretty conservative, but Central and Downtown Phoenix are pretty liberal and very gay friendly.

I don't know of many tech. companies in the downtown area (granted, this isn't my field of knowledge) but most of the big tech companies seem to be out in the suburbs where you will find a more conservative, chain restaurant, strip-mall type of vibe.

Anywho, I love living here. The weather is fantastic 9 months of the year, the desert is beautiful, you have fantastic hiking all around, the arts and local food scene are becoming something amazing, the cost of living is pretty cheap and its a good location where you can drive to snow, beaches, Mexico or Vegas in less than half a day!

The cons? Our political leaders can be pretty embarrassing (as I'm sure you've seen on your news) and our public transportation system is awful, even though they are working on expanding out light rail system.

Let me know if you have any specific questions - my fiance and I are also liberal, non-religious, vegetarian, child-free, tree huggers :)

Whats it like living in Phoenix?

The following are only my opinions:

Vibe - Depends entirely on where you are, and what circle of people you tend to gravitate towards. If you spend some time looking, you're likely to find a solid core of like-minded people just about anywhere. As a state, and in terms of multi-generational residents of the Phoenix valley, the majority of the sentiment is strongly conservative, but it feels like downtown is a more urban-professional vibe, with plenty of young, hipstery, artsy, liberal neighborhoods mixed in.

Traffic can be pretty insane during peak hours, which seem to be from 7am-10am, then 5pm-8pm. Avoid all major highways going in the direction of downtown in the morning, and likewise those going away from town in the evening, and traffic is quite bearable.

Summer is extremely hot, normally from about mid- June til sometime toward the end of October. Get used to a minimum of 100 degrees with ~2% humidity during the day. Most folks stay in air-conditioned environments as much as is reasonable in the summer. Personally, I love the dry heat, and most folks who are realistic, and successful out here have similarlly embraced the weather patterns. If you tell yourself it's too hot of a place to survive, then you'll probably be right.

Job market is extremely hit-and-miss, but that's the case almost anywhere. As mentioned by others, retail, tech, customer service and callcenter work are by far some of the easiest fields to enter, but if you're resourceful and persistent, there's likely something for anyone out here.

What's It Like Living In Phoenix?

My background: Canadian who's just moved back to the area for a job after having left a few years ago. I left because (1) I could see the writing on the wall and wanted out before the collapse and (2) I felt like I was slowly dying inside from lack of Canadian kind of culture - what would be tree hugging liberalism here, with respect for others and a sense of social responsibility being a cultural given. In general I find people in Phoenix to be very extroverted, but not truly friendly - there is always an undercurrent of "what can this person do for me?" in most interactions. Tribal loyalty (family, peer group, sports team or political party) seems to be as far as a sense of social responsibility goes.

I wouldn't have moved back to Phoenix except for two things: I only need 30 months of employment to qualify for a US pension, and I was offered a boatload of money.

For someone of your (briefly described) background, I would say that long term you'd be unhappy here. I certainly was, and don't plan to stay more than those 30 months. Phoenix has great warm weather and a really low cost of living, but unfortunately it is a cultural and spiritual wasteland as well as a literal one. That being said, there are a lot of entertaining distractions to be had as well (far more so if you like golf, evangelicalism, hip hop and/or old people)

[waits to get jumped on by boosters]

What is it like to live in Phoenix, AZ?

I moved here in 1994. Phoenix is a place that is like no other I’ve seen. Barring some sort of natural or man made disaster it will remain my city of choice. Phoenix is built out instead of up. Traveling from the different cities that make up the Phoenix area takes well over an hour on the interstate. Yet ever during rush hour you still get where you are going without too much trouble. nothing like New York gridlock. The city is laid out using Thomas Jefferson’s grid pattern. each main road intersects with another every mile. Directions are not given in terms of left or right at a light or sign. Compass terms are used. It’s very easy to find your way around.

There are plenty of cultural things like museums and concerts. We have major sports all year long. There are local publications that give details for whatever type of event you may be looking for. We have just about anything. Cost of living has increased over the years as we have a lot of transplants. I’m one of them.

We have our problems like all major cities. But for the most part we don’t have the issues of L.A. Chicago or N.Y. Just about anyone can be self sufficient here. That may not seem like a big deal but I’m comparing it to cost of living in new York where five grand a month gets you a shoe box.

It is hot in the summer. Like blast furnace, makes the devil sweat, can actually be life threatening, hot. So three months a year folks don’t do much outside. To me that is a small price to pay for skipping Jersey winters.

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