Pasadena, California

That Which We Call A Rose

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Old Town

Young Professionals

Old Town is where the action is in Pasadena so it pulls in the young professionals who want to walk to the bars, restaurants, clubs and pubs in the area. There are plenty of apartment buildings here so finding a place to rent is not a problem and the buildings that house these apartments are often beautiful old brick facade buildings that match the historic look of the neighborhood.

  • Old Town

Historic Highlands


Historic Highlands is a cool family neighborhood that is much loved by east-coast transplants who like the east coast vibe of the homes and streets. The homes are big cottages, Craftsman and Tudors and streets have the large oaks and trees you see back in northeastern neighborhoods. San Rafael Hills is another great option, just west of Old Town, it’s a beautiful affluent area, with big homes, many mid-century architecture, and winding roads and driveways through the hills, creating immensely private estates.

  • Historic Highlands
  • San Rafael Hills
  • Daisy Villa