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As you descend the beautiful Highway 1 from San Francisco into Pacifica the first neighborhood you enter is Fairmont. This community, built mostly by developer Henry Doelger, offers some of the best views of the city. The homes built by Doelger were made famous in the theme song, “Little Boxes”, on the TV show Weeds. Built after WWII for returning soldiers, they are notable for their small size, typically under 1,500 sq ft. with a median price of $1.5m. Expect the smaller homes that have not yet been expanded/updated to be under the median and the newer/remodeled homes to be over the median.

Pacifica has no true downtown but Fairmont isn’t bad for walkability to the restaurants and shops in the neighborhood. There’s a large shopping center and two great playground parks in the hood so things are pretty convenient for locals. Even nicer you get the best views in the city when you make these walks!

Edgemar/Pacific Manor

Young Professionals/DINKs/SINKs

Edgemar was mostly built during the early railroad days of Pacifica and was the first stop on the Ocean Shore line. It sits just below the Fairmont neighborhood and is relatively flat compared to some of the hillier areas of Pacifica. It’s home to a good chunk of the commercial district with a big Safeway and plenty of good eats including: Taqueria La Perla, Camelot Fish & Chips, Grand HotPot and even the venerable Surf Lounge cocktail bar. It’s also where many of the apartment buildings in the city reside, including The Bluffs at Pacifica so if you’re looking to rent, and walk to restaurants/bars, and basically live on the beach (with great views of the ocean), then this is a good choice.

Sharp Park

Families/Young Professionals/DINKs

Sharp Park is just south of Edgemar/Pacific Manor and runs along the coastline and then east up into the hills. It has a diverse mix of housing options with single family homes and apartment buildings running along the cliffs. The neighborhoods holds a number of schools including Ocean High School, the Ingrid B Lacy middle school, and several well-regarded nursery and preschools.

Sharp has a commercial district with pubs and the Trip Distillery, a small-batch craft distillery. It also has three cannabis dispensaries so whatever your preference, a drink or a smoke, you’ll find it in Sharp.

Housing in the area is incredibly varied. There are relatively inexpensive apartments and high-end townhomes on the cliffs. As you head east there are small cottage style homes and then as you get up into the hills there are multi-million dollar new builds for those who want size and views from the heights.

The neighborhood has plenty of outdoor spaces for play with the doggo, or running and hiking, or just sitting and watching the ocean. Sharp Park Beach is one of only a few black sand beaches, that rises up from the ocean into a beautiful hiking trail park. Up in the hills farther east you also have the Milagra Ridge Hiking Trailhead, home to one of several decommissioned military emplacements that is now a panoramic coastal park.

Finally, Sharp Park Golf Course is also here. It’s an historic seaside links course, designed by Alister MacKenzie, who also designed Augusta National, the home of the Masters golf tournament.

Fairway Park


Fairway Park sits on the southern and eastern sides of Sharp Park. Originally built in the 50’s the homes have mostly been upgraded. The upgrades to the homes pushed the media home price up near $1.2m,, with many of the bigger, newer homes in the $2 - $3m range. The neighborhood is framed by the golf course, ocean and the headlands of Mori Point. If you want nature, Fairway Park is a choice spot to consider.

Rockaway Beach

Families/Young Professionals/DINKs

Rockaway Beach is the neighborhood most people think of when referencing Pacifica. It’s the best known tourist area, with a number of popular restaurants and hotels. Nick’s Seafood Restaurant is perhaps the most iconic location. In addition to a large restaurant it also offers the Horseshoe Bar, an old-timey lounge with a large dance floor and live music on weekends. The beach at Rockaway is lit at night for really beautiful surfing and surf-watching. Below the headland is a small beach perhaps most popular with local surfers for the amazing waves and easy access point.
Across the highway east of route 1 and up into the hills is the residential neighborhood of Rockaway Beach. Many of the homes are large, custom-built and luxurious with $3+m a common price but there are some smaller homes from the post WWII era available for those looking to get in closer to the $1m level.

Linda Mar


Linda Mar is the largest neighborhood in Pacifica, perhaps in part due to the fact it tends to get the most sun in the city. It sits in front of Pacifica State Beach, one of the best surfing beaches in California. It is also home to what is widely considered to be the most beautiful Taco Bell on the planet. Much of the neighborhood is tract homes, built in the 50’s and 60’s and while that might sound bland, the lush landscaping, mountain and ocean views, and tons of parks and playgrounds makes this a beautiful setting. The median home price is $1.3m with the older homes that are not yet refurbished falling down to $1m and below and those that are redone spiking above that median price.

Much beloved by many of the families in Linda Mar, is the presence of Pacifica Community Center, a theater arts complex and outdoor skate park. Terra Nova High School, the highest rated school in the area, is on the border of the neighborhood. If you’re looking for a community with a close-knit vibe and excellent amenities for families put Linda Mar on your shortlist.