Oxnard, California

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What's it like to live in Oxnard?

How is it to live in Oxnard? Possibly moving from San Diego.

Hi! I actually lived in San Diego for 10 years (for undergrad and then worked), moved to LA (born and raised) for 5 years for grad school, and then moved to Oxnard (thought I was going to move back to SD but met my partner who is from Oxnard)! We are both in our early 30s and love living here. I often tell people it’s like a smaller San Diego. I like the chill environment of Oxnard, low traffic and low cost of living. I feel like it’s similar to San Diego in that it has dope breweries and bars, it has a bigger night life in Ventura but everything is so close here I don’t really think about it or miss it. Let me know if you have any other specific questions

How is it to live in Oxnard? Possibly moving from San Diego.

I grew up in Oxnard , and moved to SD 4 years ago. I always think about moving back because the big city life can be overwhelming sometimes. There’s a lot going on all the time.

I don’t think Oxnard is as ghetto as people think , it’s not a downgrade but it is a bit calmer and slower lifestyle. There’s a lot more to do now, they city is growing and changing. A few breweries are popping up , the new shopping center thats off the 101 is cool.

If you like latinas , then you won’t mind living in Oxnard. I may be biased but Latinas are incredibly good looking.

If you meet and make new friends you’ll find yourself at someone’s house on the weekend listening to a live band playing in their backyard. Eating carne asada and pounding modelos all night. I miss the culture from Oxnard LOL. I’ve made friends here in SD and the way we mingle is a lot different. We usually just go out brewery hopping or go to the beach. Rarely do I go to my friends house to chill.

I think you’ll enjoy Oxnard LOL. Well this was my Ted talk.

How is it to live in Oxnard? Possibly moving from San Diego.

Hi! I'm actually moving to Oxnard from San Diego (been here since 2008) in two weeks with my boyfriend. Also mid 30's. His family lives there so weve frequented Oxnard a lot.

Oxnard is definitely different, and much more low key, than San Diego. But it has its draws, like the best mexican food an panaderias around, and beautiful beaches. Also I love the abundance of little meat markets/neighborhood markets, great deals on all meats!!

And Fun fact, the beaches around Oxnard dont have any bars (ignoring you, rudder room lol) or many vacation rentals (mainly residential) off the sand, so they're very peaceful and quiet. Much diff than the PB/mission beach scene!

Then again if you're in to that, like others have said, Ventura and Santa Barbara are right around the corner.

I'm excited to explore the hidden gems here!! The Collection is basically the "downtown area of Oxnard, but honestly, I like the charm of the "original "downtown area by the train station. It's a cute place to wall around, although admittedly a little run down. And not so busy. But the homes around there are gorgeous to drive through.

Anyway enough ramblings. Let me know if you have any more questions! Good luck with your potential move!

What is it like to live in Oxnard, CA?

Pretty Fantastic really. Oxnard is fairly urban with some rich neighborhoods and a lot of poor ones. This is the city where working folk of Ventura County can still get by. Beaches are fantastic with a few good for surfing and all good for uncrowned fun in the sun.

We now have some great shoppping at the Collection. The best thing is the weather and the proximity to anything you want to do. Hiking/ camping in the mountains of Ojai are a hour east. Surfing, fishing , boating and all manner of marine activities are available year round. Food options are endless really, right in town you have almost every variety, and you can always head south to LA for some city action. Santa Barbara to the north is amazing for touring, shopping and eating.

I love it in West County, Oxnard. Any thing below the grade is good. Don’t think of Oxnard as a separate city- you have VENTURA and Camarillo right next door.

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