Oxnard, California

Where The Farm Meets The Coast

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Young Professionals

Oxnard has historically been almost exclusively a family-first city. More recent developments in downtown have changed that a bit with condos and apartments popping up for those who want a bit of downtown lifestyle but also immediate access to the beach. Most of the young profs who want to live in this area will go 10 miles up the road to Ventura Beach but if you want it a bit quieter and just have quick access to that scene then check out downtown.

  • Downtown

River Ridge


River Ridge and Victoria Lakes are beautiful golf club-focused neighborhoods west of Ventura Road. Most families, who can afford the price tag, will want to check the beach areas first though. Mandalay and Hollywood Beach are two great options with beautiful homes, beach access and safe, tree-lined streets. If you’re looking to save some bucks but still are looking for nice, quiet neighborhoods, check out Marina West, or River Park.

  • River Ridge/Victoria Lakes
  • Mandalay/Hollywood Beach
  • Marina West/River Park

Oxnard Harbor Peninsula


Oxnard has an amazing climate that retirees appreciate. Not too cold, not too hot, although it can be foggy so if that bugs you perhaps the Pacific Ocean isn’t for you. Seriously, from Seattle to San Diego it gets foggy at different times of the year. Setting that issue aside, retirees typically pick being near the water for beach walks and hikes and waterway access. Oxnard Harbor Peninsula and Oxnard State Beach areas are popular choices and Mandalay Bay is right across from the State Beach as well so we’d recommend starting in these areas if being on or near the water is in your retirement plans.

  • Oxnard Harbor Peninsula
  • Mandalay Bay/Beach