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What's it like to live in New York City / Staten Island?

Is Staten Island a nice place to live? (outside of a pandemic of course)

It depends where you live. The north shore is a bit more like Brooklyn just in terms of the concentration of people and their proximity to businesses.

If you are living on a residential block in most of the island it's pretty peaceful. Most things are accessible on the Island too. I think being centrally located geographically is ideal due to proximity to Costco, multiple highways, the mall, and multiple hospitals.

If you want to live in Staten Island just to be on the Island and maybe go to other boroughs sometimes, it's a pretty good place.

If you live in Staten Island and most of your time and trips are outside of the Island, it becomes a burden.

Is Staten Island a nice place to live? (outside of a pandemic of course)

Its a pretty great place, you can get a taste of both urban and suburban life here. Food is good, no complaints. Theres also plenty of (trash covered) parks and beaches that are passable if you like being outdoors but can't exactly travel far regularly.

South shore is decent, you won't be bothered, everything is within a short distance. The people on the south shore are EXACTLY like every Staten Island stereotype you have heard of. Its 1:1 with few exceptions. Blue collar, dumb and proud, but generally will leave you alone if you leave them alone.

Is Staten Island a nice place to live? (outside of a pandemic of course)

One of the other benefits of the island that no one has mentioned are all of our wonderful parks and playgrounds and some of the hidden gems of the island. Lots of walking paths and hiking trails, some of the trails are quite nice. Great way to spend the afternoon with kids. There are many nice playgrounds that are clean and don't smell of pee, some of which have water features in the summer. We have Snug Harbor, which has beautiful gardens and a nice little cafe in the warm months, not to mention the children's museum. If you're into urban exploration, there's Seaview Farm Colony and the Hospital, and the Vanderbilt Mausoleum. Lots of cool history here, we've got Historic Richmondtown and the Conference House. Chinese food is good, and of course our Italian food, pizza and bakeries. It's really not a bad place to live, it's just gotten so overcrowded. I'm actually looking to move because I just think it's getting too urban.

What’s the best thing about living on Staten Island, NY?

I have since left Staten Island and moved to NJ to be with my husband. I spent 25 years in Staten Island and this is what is the best to me.

Walking the boardwalk and viewing the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge all lit up.
The Staten Island Ferry (not the process of trying to find parking).
Saint George Theatre: I was a student of Mrs. Rosemary and frequently watched her students dance at their end of year recitals, what she did for that establishment was truly amazing.
The Staten Island children’s museum: Even as an adult I still remember the giant praying mantis that we would climb on. It’s located inside the botanical gardens.
The Botanical Gardens is a sight to be seen, as the Japanese Gardens are stunning.
The Staten Island Zoo- Its a zoo, enough said. Lol
Clove Lakes, The conference house, Fort Wadsworth, The Alice Austin House, Gateway Park ugh, so many beautiful places.
The Travis 4th of July Parade. A family tradition that I miss dearly.
I feel that Staten Island has so much to offer in regards to culture, entertainment, and beauty. We get a bad reputation because of the Staten Island Dump and many other stereotypes from T.V. My husband jokes with me that I’m not a real New Yorker because I’m from Staten Island. I would still argue to this day that we are truly the forgotten borough.

Living In Staten Island - The Pros and Cons Living In The Forgotten Borough.